Unknown – Amy – MASK

Part of the appeal is the unknown. Especially in a culture of knowing every little detail, exploiting every nuance for possible gain. As with previous releases this is music serious about itself qualifying as another attribute. Dark, dare I say sexy, smouldering rhythms which only exist due to the hot-wiring of electrical impulse. Each of the six numbers here espouses atmosphere just as they do the twist of emotional turmoil. From the tougher, familiar chords that drive A.1 through to the closing sentiments informing the expanse of B.3 each is carefully, resolutely crafted.

Release: October 2

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Unknown – Marilyn – Mask

Does it really matter in a world of blatant commercialism that we don’t know who lies behind the mask. Is it not more important to let the artistry speak for itself, which in this case, does so eloquently. Mercifully there is little chance of hackneyed sugar-sweet vocals on offer and the direction of travel remains intact with these sizzling grooves grabbing you in ways that leave you distorted, out of shape. Intense to the ninth degree, A delivers over ten minutes of brisk, grainy attitude accompanied by an addictive, playful bassline plus the defiant swirl of fizzy tape delay. B, then picks up the pace with crazed rhythms feeling possibly even more dangerous. All here is deeply rewarding.

Release: March 20

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