ON IN OUT – Advanced Public Listening Records

This begins a journey into the spaces occupying the margins between music and emotion. Advanced Public Listening Records has been conceived by industry stalwart Miho Mepo while eloquently redefining good taste in sound and the lost art of musical exploration. Spanning four discs of vinyl the compilation is a tastefully realised concept celebrating the power of sound in all its diverse, sincerest forms. What I also love here is that the tracks range from the contemplative to the more dancefloor driven each retaining a pure, deep intensity that replenishes the electrical impulses of nature. Moments of solitude such as Hans Joachim Roedelius – Immer or Roger Doering + Takeshi Nishimoto’s Jazz infused – Dream are then complimented by Ricardo Villalobos’s quietly explosive – Zeda Funk or Matthew Herbert’s propulsive – Peahen, and there’s more. So much more.

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Âme – Dream House – Innervisions

Marking their first album together since fifteen years of making music Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer have produced this eloquent, rather beautiful soundscape as the aptly named Dream House. From the moment The Line featuring Matthew Herbert begins you get the feeling you’re about to engage with something secretly special. And it’s not just that the music encompasses such a broad history of European electronic Dance Music (as guest appearances all leave their mark) but also because there is a sense of time spent honing, creating this rich abundance of musical escapades. As the past  informs ideas it is of course down to the artists themselves to in turn do something imaginative with that. So nostalgia is abandoned. Having said that the playful musicality and fizzy, analogue sounding sounds all piece together memory and location mapping out goals and intention. From the sleazier downtown hi-energy syncopation of the tempting Queen of Toys to the crisp drum machine pulses of Positivland, via the the chiming messages of No War, the tracks set the pace in the direction of classic. It’s easy in this day and age to make music but it is much harder to create it and to do so with such forceful resonance.

Release: June 1




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Adrian Sherwood
Sherwood At The Controls/ Volume 1/ 1979 – 1984
On-U Sound

Perhaps not always a name that trips off the tongue so much these days but none-the-less one the of the UK’s key producers as this first in line re-issue of his work proudly testifies. You only need look at the track list to qualify that statement and to see the calibre of the people he worked with too – all of which, perhaps, makes you feel just that little bit nostalgic. His trademark ‘Dub’ sound is of course very much in evidence but what also astounds you here is the breadth of styles employed across the selection i.e. that not everything sounds identikit. Artists include Mark Stewart, The Fall, The Slits, Prince Far I, and Annie Anxiety’s gloriously difficult Third Gear Kills, and by far sounds like anything as radical as you are likely to hear this side of Ibiza!?!



Single of the Week

Josh Wink
Ovum Recordings

With its ‘Live in the future’ refrain strolling around the arrangement this excellent production from Josh Wink is light years beyond Higher State Of Consciousness (released some 20 years ago!) but which feels just as explosive, albeit in a different way. If its Acid you require then the appropriately named Prise D’acid is inevitably the version you’re after, and won’t disappoint. However, the atmospheric qualities of the original are just as rewarding with emotive pads joining the pulsating rhythm section later on. Meanwhile the Tweak Dub strips it all down to basics via a pulsating drum machine and bubbling synth lines to complete this first rate release.

Release: April 20



Textures 7AM
Concrete Music Paris

Released as three parts of an intriguing whole this individual edition of the sequence finds itself with the 7AM time-stamp. An ambitious project via the Paris club sees Concrete further establish its diverse identity with four equally striking productions. Chris Mitchell’s intense yet blissful ‘Parallel Symbiotic’ opens with a blur of electricity feeling distinctly emotive and is followed by Lowris ‘C_Crete’ which delivers syncopated edginess accompanied by inviting hints of deepness. Matthew Herbert’s African flavoured ‘Earthenware’ is next composing another captivating listen, while Lazare Hoche’s suitably energetic ‘Spank’ finishes with a creative combination of swirling atmospheric sounds and banging beats.



Solsidan/Alby EP
Let’s Play House

The idea of revelling in the summer ambience to the intro of Solsidan on loop is very appealing indeed, especially with the sun shining outside. HNNY’s cool combination of jazzy inspired Disco vocals and chords captures the mood perfectly easing you down into recline mode. The Avalon Emerson version pumps up the rhythm with punctuating beats but quite naturally loses the warmer emotion in the process. Second original, Alby replays more classic tones with meandering breezy organ lines playing over crunchy breaks and again feels super sunny, with the Ana Helder Remix re-tweaking the sample for an edgier rendition, though likewise you may still yearn for the more soulful aspects of both originals.

Release: April 20


Purity Ball

Despite the suspect reference of the title this proves to be a cut above the usual House cliques as its undulating funkiness produced by Gunman is all about sparking your imagination. It doesn’t stop there either as engaging vocal cut-ups combine with warm contrasting keyboard surges and a playful arrangement. The Snuff Crew version follows with harder beats and snappy percussion fuelling a 90’s styled organ punctuated instrumental take on the above, and if anything feeling just that bit more urgent.

Release: April 15 Vinyl / 30 Digital