Aluria & Aman Anand – Stop The Silence – MNL

Talking of revolutionary fervour, Stop The Silence injects the fire of much missed energy into their provocative statement of intent. Accompanied by pounding drums and bass there is an urgency to it all which focuses thoughts on the future with Aluria’s words delivered via the force of Punk attitude. Followed by an excellent Dub version highlighting the melodic chime of punctuating keys amid the resolute intensity of the assaulting rhythms. Next the GMJ remix feels that touch deeper reworking the elements into an ever evolving tease of the senses.

Release: March 1


Aman Anand


GabiM feat. Joule/s – Ripped – MNL

Appearing on Manual Music’s MNL this production blurs the distinction between light and shade care of a carefully crafted imagination. It’s down to the excitable array of fizzy synthesizers plus the crisp, accompanying drums which sets it all alight. The excellent RIGOONI remix then takes those elements and washes them in a cool expanse of thoughtful guitar like structures, amid a suggestive arrangement of pads and the breath of heavenly voice.

Release: August 31