Brian Cid – Pluto EP – microcastle

Changing your mind about something musical is sometimes the sign of true significance. First of all I thought this was really good, now after some more time it sounds extremely good. Rock n Roll comes armed with three chords, drums and (hopefully) gritty melody. This however hits you with a bagful of subtleties, plugged into the electrical mainframe.  Although exploring a slightly differing route than MUUI’s recent and very sublime release the EP begins with the blissful bass fuelled title track, Pluto which feels that bit more ‘progressive’ in nature, yet reveals itself in layers of sizzling sound as atmospherically charged keys transmit emotional resonance above and beyond. A remix from Marvin & Guy follows re-imagining the elements, while second original Mancha proceeds to work a series of rhythms to the point of distraction, leaving the probing beauty of Dimensions to end seeking for further ethereal revelations that soon realize themselves via an array pulsating synthesizers.

Release: April 7 (Beatport Exclusive) / All Stores: May 5


MUUI – Seminal EP – microcastle

If you want your music to delight yet invigorate and tempt you into the future then here it is. If you like to inhabit the past and want to relive it endlessly, then perhaps you should remain asleep. MUUI supplies four new tracks of such exquisite composition that it makes a return to Disco seem redundant. However, transporting your soul to places you sometimes didn’t imagine via a hard-wired succession of fizzy electronics that hit you low and hard, high-end and infused with emotion is what lies instore form the labels first outing in 2017. Klibi, begins with an all out assault on the senses to the very point of distraction employing gritty techniques and simmering Acid attitude. Next, Hide Seek toys with deeper notions and thought-provoking melancholy atmospheres across pulsating beats and bass. Nema, proceeds to lift the mood again care of a sparkling array of synth hits injecting the probing drums with a life all of their own. Which only leaves the aptly titled title track, Seminal to evoke challenging questions with robust notation playing out over pulsating machine rhythms while very gently tearing at the edges.

Artwork: Andjana Pachkova