Goeran Meyer – Blue Glasses EP – MYR

Two startling productions adorn this breath-taking new release from MYR’s Goeran Meyer. Beginning with the otherworldly Blue Glasses which teasingly exists in a world of its own definition amid the pulsating sense of occasion it so readily exposes. Haunted by swirls of uneasy pads, punctuated via unfussy drums, but all the while compacted by an intensely rich amalgamation of sights and sounds to escape into, the number reveals more of itself with each play. The equally compelling Light Glasses returns the compliment as strange illuminating melodies cross the spectrum, accompanied by an urgency pointing you in unexpected directions. If you’re looking out for exciting, invigorating music that kicks against clique then you’ve landed in the correct location.

Release: October 4



Manuel Rodriguez – Needle and Thread EP – MYR

In a world of knowing exactly what to expect next in music. Isn’t it wonderfully exciting not to. And there is no way that you can guess what you are about to experience when listening to Faded, existing in its short lifespan of weird, fuzzy ambience. Next comes, The Preface – One Summer’s Morning complete with funky, shuffling drums while combining a fresh sense of perspective as punctuating sounds, organic or otherwise, unfold. The title track, Needle and Thread completes via tough, almost eerie, synthesized lines of enquiry that shiver and excite the levels of communication with seemingly dangerous voices stretching out the imagination. Strange and otherworldly, yet compelling brilliance. Watch out for that bassline too.

Release: August 2

Pre-Order ☛ https://bit.ly/2O9l4GJ