Kim Brown (Needwant) Q&A

KIM.BROWN.2.FZ.009Your great new single: Batteries Not Included features three tracks. Can you talk us through how you produced one of them?

With “Other People’s Space” it was an odd process. We had the tracks for the B-Side of the EP, but were lacking a proper A-Side. We never really liked sitting down, saying „Let’s make an A-Side hit“. It either happens or doesn’t. But as deadlines kept coming closer, we needed a solution. We had a track lying around for a while which had some elements we really liked, but couldn’t really make the whole thing work. So we kicked 90% out, put the focus on the bassline, added some nice chords and strings and pretty much finished the whole thing in a few hours. Maybe it wasn’t quite as easy as described, but we like to think it was.

Are there any plans to follow up on your debut album: Somewhere Else It’s Going To Be Good. If so, what can we expect to hear on it?

We would love to release a new album next year. But there are no specific plans. At the moment we’d like to collect ideas, improve our live set, see how the current releases work and so on. So we don’t really know what’s going to happen.

You have already released music on number of labels including Just Another Beat, Permanent Vacation and Freerange. How do you find the process of getting your music heard and then signed by labels in the digital age?

We have been in the fortunate position of not having to send out any demos so far. Just Another Beat is run by a co-worker and friend of Ji-Hun and so one thing led to another. All the other labels asked us for remixes or collaborations.
There are definitely a few labels we would like to be approached by, but we are probably somewhere in between shy, spoiled and a bit lazy to send them something.
And as you mention “the digital age”, of course it’s a lot easier to send someone a track these days and get a quick response.

How would you describe the Dance scene in Berlin at the moment? Any positive & negatives you would like to mention?

During the last five years, the club scene in Berlin became a financial and also a political factor in Berlin. The famous clubs became as important as typical touristic landmarks and as Berlin is lacking other economical sectors like banks or industries, clubs are nowadays accepted by the government. Tourists from all over the world are coming to enjoy the club scene, so a couple of things changed. When you play in a club you meet people from Italy, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan at the same evening, which is definitely a cool thing. But there are also many people arguing about the loss of credibility and the lack of a proper native scene. For us, Berlin made many things possible. Most of the labels we worked with are run by friends of ours, so there still is a scene and wonderful network with great musicians and inspiring people.

KIM.BROWN.2.FZCan you tell us about who your main influences are, either in dance music or outside of it?

At an early stage we discovered our shared admiration for Metro Area and John Tejada for their sense of harmonies and arrangements. Outside of dance music both of us have a bit different musical backgrounds. Ji-Hun has more of an Indie/Folk background, whereas Julian has been more into Hip Hop back in the 90s. Both of us always listen to all kinds of music. Except for a few genres, where we share a disfavour.

Where are you looking forward to playing Live/ Dj’ing this summer?

Playing during summer means not to play necessarily in a dark, smoky club at night. We are looking forward to playing on a Sunday afternoon at the About Blank garden or on a boat but also open airs and smaller festivals. So it’s the summer in general we are looking forward to. And for that kind of thing, Berlin still is one of the most vibrant places.



Sean Brosnan (Future Disco/Needwant) Q&A

SeanBrosnan12What is the concept behind Future Disco?

To bring together the best upfront House music that is inspired by Disco sounds.

The latest compilation is: Future Disco Vol 7: Till The Lights Come Up. How do you go about choosing which tracks are included? And how important is it to you to include a selection of styles and moods?

I start with quite a vast set of tracks and I tend to compile as I go adding or taking out tracks that I put aside for the compilations, I listen to tracks hundreds of times just to make sure they stand the test of time. If I get bored with them I take them out.

I think it is important to have a theme and that’s why we have a subtitle each time, so it gives the album some grounding and concept to work towards. It’s much more interesting that way.

You also run the Future Disco Radio show – which is still a remarkably successful medium. How do you feel radio fits in to today’s digital world?

Radio I believe is more successful than ever and I think that’s due to people using radio both in real time and catch up. We follow the same principles with our show going out on broadcast stations across the world and then streamed also on our soundcloud page every Thursday. It allows us to pick tracks between albums and also talk about what we are up to.

Who influenced you to become a Dj and what inspired you to set up your own label?

I remember my friend buying some turntables and a mixer from a Tandy store and they didn’t even have pitch control ! So impossible to mix. But from that day I knew I wanted to have turntables too, there’s something about collecting music and playing it that’s really good fun. My own label was just natural progression from that. When you DJ for a while you like the idea of a label and how you can craft a sound and work with artists.

Which artists have been the most important to you over the years, either within or outside of Dance music?

Sticking close to home I would say Mario Basanov as we work together closely so I’ve listened to so much of his music over the past few years. Then I like a lot of different music outside Dance mainly downbeat electronica.

How would you describe the health of House music in 2014 in terms of its retro influences and the art of song writing? What do you see happening next?

I think it’s healthier than ever and evolving in a nice way, most people understand investing in the creative side is what keeps you and the scene fresh. For the future maybe more live instrumentation in the performance and I see more countries scenes getting stronger.

SeanBrosnan21What are the future plans for the label and can you tell about some the events you have planned for 2014?

We plan to do a lot more albums in 2014 – both compilations and artist albums. We are also doing parties in London on 8th March for an album launch, Unknown festival in Croatia and of course Ibiza (watch this space).

Album launch party:



Art Of Tones
Elephants & Flies
Lazy Days Recordings

270481_10152972909750257_1205986177_nLudovic Llorca aka Art Of Tones first release on the label comprises three originals plus one dub version. And it’s all too easy for me to say that title track Elephants is a simply outstanding slice of music that cuts the atmosphere it generates with a knife. I’d be intrigued to know what the Elephant reference is, but in the meantime this captivating exploration of tones sees punchy keys and swirling notes feel cinematic and thoughtful against a backdrop of shuffling rhythms and stinking sounds. The Dub tweaks the elements providing something altogether more dancefloor orientated, although doesn’t capture quite the same emotions. Next Myself, My Body has bluesy voices over tougher beats, bass and accompanying strings, while The Right Movement’s intense, jazzy inflections provide yet another reason to pay attention.


Darius Syrossian
Anything Weird EP
Lost Records

LR001-Darius Syrossian-Anything Weird EpAnother Darius Syrossian production, time for another killer bassline. I’ll Do Anything does anything but disappoint with its funky Detroit flavoured bass offset by soulful vocals and abrasive yet seductive drums. Straightforward and straight to the point, how could you not like this? The remix is from label heads Leftwing & Kody and they give it a fresh sheen with snare rolls and infectious House riffs complimenting the original perfectly. Second track I’m Not Weird, You’re Just Normal says all that needs to be said as jazzy keys get lost in another slammin’ succession of big time beats completing a great debut for this brand new label.

release: July 22


Bonar Bradberry

Don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting Bonar Bradberry’s vocal to be quite so appealing in such an infectious way, but it is. The title tracks deep, shuffling rhythms underpin it all as the voice intones with a uniquely English quality which provides such a refreshing change here, that of course and that the music’s so hot too. Mario Basanov provides the remix with trademark eighties influences sounding tastefully funky as always, and indeed gives the vocal that extra something. Rollerball doesn’t have the same charm but is none the less is an atmospheric journey through the landscape of European electronics.

release: July 22


F For You
PMR Records

Overground/ Underground? Never mind all that. I’d much rather this deeper, funky number in the charts then most of the rest of it. Lifted from their album and with remixes forthcoming their latest single sees Howard Lawrence on vocals sounding rather fine. Judge it all for yourself….

release: August 18


First Choice
Hold Your Horses – Expanded Edition

You know that expression: beg, borrow or steal? Well, this is exactly what they were referring to. Time to get very excited!! The history bit reads a little something like this: After scoring major dance classics such as Let No Man Put Asunder in 1977 the group went on to record their second album also in part produced by Norman Harris, but now with the additional magic of Tom Moulton and Thor Baldursson was released in 1979. Not only does it include Let Me Down Easy but also the seminal Love Thang with that ‘gets you every time’ vocal delivery from the trio, and Double Cross which both appear here via various remixes including Larry Levan, Tee Scott and Bobby DJ Guttadaro. Once again there a superlative sleeve notes care off Christian John Wikane whose invaluable reading of history is essential.

Buy: break records



Mario Basanov interview

Your excellent new album ‘Journey’ features a range of styles but can you tell us about the creative process involved in writing the opening song ‘Just Think About’?

I always like to try out different styles so my music can evolve. Talking specifically about this track, I thought about the inspiration and mood. The inspiration came from Disco style and the mood I guess came from traveling and visiting many beautiful beaches, you can hear it in the rhythm. And not much to say about the creative process because usually I don’t spend days or weeks or months on a track, if it comes it comes like a ray of light – quick and sharp.

How did your relationship with Needwant come about?

First of all I was just sending Sean my tracks and he released an EP. Through that we started talking, which led to working together and collaborating and now we are kind of like partners.

You have obviously had a wide range of influences to inspire you in the making of your album. Can you tell us about some of them?

That is very hard to put into words, because inspiration comes along in a lot of forms and signs, it is like trying to explain what is love – we all want it, we all think we feel it and sometimes even think we know what that is, but in the end we have no clue. Or sometimes all I need to do is come to my studio, choose some sounds and rhythms and with that the inspiration kicks in.

When did you begin to DJ and who inspired you to do so?

I started DJing around five years ago, I guess. Actually the idea of me DJing came from Vidis, so I thought why not and started practicing at home. It was not too hard for me, because I was already working with music and producing music for more that fifteen years, and as all these things are connected it just felt right.

How would you define your style of Dj’ing? What do you like to play on?

It all depends on the situation: the place, the gig, the crowd, the mood and vibe, even the weather. But in this period of time I prefer playing good Deep House. There was a time I was just hooked on Disco, but now I am inspired and like to play stuff that sounds like for example Ame, Dixon, etc..

Do you have any particular favorite pieces of software/ hardware that you like to use in creating music?

I prefer mostly hardware. My favorites are Buchla and Arp 2600. There are more, but these are the best for me at the moment.

Your song ‘Changed’ (with Vidis featuring Ernesto) has reached over an amazing one million plays on YouTube. Can you tell us about the making of the striking video?

To be honest I did not really take a big part in the making of the video, for me it is all about music so it was given to professional team who are making videos and with great trust they did it as they felt, and thank God, the result is perfect and it is proved with all the love of fans and that million you mentioned.

What is the Dance Music scene like in Lithuania – what are your favorite clubs etc?

Lithuanian scene is very colorful music wise, we have a lot different artists who work a lot and represent Lithuania in different music scenes. I could favorite Downtown Party Network, Few Nolder and Darius Vaikas for example. And my favorite club in Lithuania is definitely club Opium.

What plans do you have for the new year 2013?

Work a lot, move forward and keep on touring around the world.



Pete Dafeet
Family Affair
Lost My Dog

The third in the series of compilations from Lost My Dog’s catalogue of Deep House, and other imaginings, sees one of the label heads Pete Dafeet mix together a smooth blend of moods into one altogether very satisfying experience. As with previous editions this features old and new music from the imprint, although this time is the preserve of Pete’s own productions, along with the added twist of some hot remixes such as Giom’s excellent take on Beneath The Fold and Moodymanc’s likewise Dub of Stutter. Got to say my favourite track has to be Hit Em Up, which appears both as the uplifting intensity of the Original version along with the stab nirvana of Pezzner’s remix. Generously an unmixed selection is also available so you can unpick all those favourites for yourselves.

release: November 19


Hot Coins
Geek Emotions EP
Sonar Kollektiv

If you’re looking for a viable alternative to the current vogue of 90’s inspired House then try Danny Berman’s innovative interpretation of the Post-Punk/ No-Wave sound. It’s got all the elements right down to a T from the enviable, deadpan cool vocal of City Hayes to the chopped-funk guitar by Crazy P’s Chris Todd, which you will find draws you into the after-dark world of late seventies/ early eighties New York. Trans-Media-Lab artist Jacob Korn provides a stunning remix with a more contemporary electronic twist featuring lush pads and probing bass. Freestyle Lover then sees Berman’s own vocal delivery cut across ‘Fripp’ guitar and an assortment of caustic percussion. But, perhaps looking at the cover alone will reveal all you need to know about this, and more!

release: November 12

listen/ buy


Mario Basanov

Mario Basanov’s debut album for Needwant is little short of stunning. Not only does it sound perfectly polished but the breadth of styles it indulges in is equally as impressive. From down-tempo ambience to dancefloor madness just about everything you can imagine is touched upon here, including at times even Pop sensibilities. From invigorating instrumentals like Skywalker to classy songs such as the deliciously soulful Something About featuring Edwin Williamson it’s all about the quality. The title, Journey is certainly an apt one running to some sixteen tracks in all. And when experiencing the cosmic-funk of music like Damn Girl you can only really refer to this as highly accomplished.


George Duke
A Brazilian Love Affair
SoulMusic Records

George Duke’s Brazilian celebration cumulates in the title track of this reissue album by redefining the possibilities of Jazz/ Funk at that time (in 1979). Recorded with a handful of Brazilian musicians you can hear their influence along with the sounds of sun and the sea throughout. You’re also left in little doubt as to the dexterity of the players involved, although at times it can feel a touch muso, however lighter relief is always on hand via the hot Latin melodies experienced on the likes of Cravo E Canela. Generally regarded as a classic in its field it is probably fair to say that they don’t actually make them like this anymore.





Mitchbal & Larry Williams
Jack The House
Still Music Chicago

Seem to remember a quote along the lines of: You can’t move forwards for looking backwards – or at least words to that effect. But in music it seems you can only move forward by looking back. After all if it wasn’t for records like this then where would we be? If you haven’t already checked out Still Music’s essential 122BPM: The Birth Of House Music compilation then you’re missing out, in which case this previously unreleased gem, also from the vaults of Mitchbal and Chicago Connection Records, may well move you in the right direction. Jack The House pretty much speaks for itself and ticks all the boxes either as the Original. or more especially, Frankie Knuckles more Club orientated Remix which combines all the classic sounds from the era with a knowing arrangement primed for the dancefloor.

release: October


Shall Ocin
Tribute To Summertime EP

Having barely recovered from hearing Matt Tolfrey’s excellent debut album for Leftroom this now hits squarely aimed at the previous seasons memories – assuming they are hot ones of course. This is Nicolas Abalos aka Shall Ocin’s second release for the label and is based around George Gershwin’s 1935 classic ‘Summertime’ though of course sounds markedly different with electronic beats and the rest giving you reason enough to reply the timely refrain all over again. It also made ‘ESSENTIAL NEW TUNE’ on Jamie Jones & Seth Troxler’s standin for Pete Tong recently too. Having said that I much prefer Feel The Same with its delicious spacey vocals and sassy, syncopated rhythms feeling altogether contemporary and typical of the label. I Know, finishes with a love of ‘real’ instrumentation played in a slightly unnerving fashion, and feeling all the more inventive and effective for it.

release: October 8


Marvin Zeyss
Hotsauce EP

First release on Martijn’s brand new sister/ brother label to the excellent Deep Edition Records is this stunner from Marvin Zeyss. Although you’ll need to move at light speed to get your hands on one of these very limited ‘vinyl only’ pressings as they have been numbered to 100. Three numbers beginning with Hotsauce whose bass punctuated groove is little short of addictive. Power, follows with funkier percussion and deep tones rewarding your senses with a breath of perfectly pitched ambience. While, Downtown finishes with more invigorating sounds, although is also possibly third in line for your attention.


Horizon EP

Having recently reviewed Ejeca’s release for Extended Play we now find Garry McCartney’s inescapable grooves on the notable Needwant imprint. You could say that its title track Horizon is about looking back, or you could say it’s where we’re heading, but either way its self-propelling energy is hard to resist. Driven by blazing 90’s stabs and rough-edged beats this is a combination that simply works. Dazed, feels easier with deeper, pulsating notes creating atmosphere as funky vocal edits complete the combination neatly. See Through You, ends with broken beats and an intensely soulful attitude that places Ejeca a step above the rest.

release: Oct 1