Oskar Szafraniec feat. Very Addictive – Borderline – Closed Circuits

Songs. Are as important as instrumentation (I think). Either way this is most beautifully, rewardingly both. The voice here sounds and, more significantly, feels every bit as breathily emotive as it is possible to be. Each note and resonance captures a moment in time and in particular at the edges of existence. Not quite so sweet. Deliciously bitter. The original version has pounding Toms beat out a heavy-duty rhythm as nervy synth lines set about creating their own atmospheres. However, it’s Gel Abril’s stunning remix that really captures and projects the songs essence for me with brutal drums offsetting the human touch and haunting synthesizers perfectly. It’s All Around You, provides the second track and again raises the emotional temperature in amongst an array of grainy, probing drums amid life-affirming sounds rather exquisitely.

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BUSZ – Tipico Latino – Beef Records

As a taster of what may lie in store from their forthcoming album Pier Bucci and Oskar Szafraniec aka BUSZ deliver this killer jam which much aplomb. If you’re seeking out something more playful, experimentally interesting yet cohesive enough to hold onto then try this. Tipico Latino fuses all sorts of electrically charged moments together with its captivating bassline striking the chord alongside an array of moody voices plus whirring synthesisers which come and go with causal abandon. The El_Txef_A Remix stuns with an ethereal chorus of vocals to begin but then adds dangerous, blistering Acid lines into the equation with epic results.

Release: May 15