Vince Watson – Via – The Mixes – Everysoul

Returning to Vince Watson’s 2018 Via album this set of remixes carves out fresh interpretations featuring luminaries of the calibre of Joe Clausell, Osunlade, Steve Bug & Langenberg plus Manoo. For me it’s the latter’s sting in the tail as repeating synth lines, accompanied by an assortment of rousing strings and piano, capture that rare essence. Likewise is the Bug and Langenberg version which sequences a funky shimmer into the climax of building, stabbing keys assisted by the gentle soar of atmospheric pads.

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Osunlade and Carlos Mena – Los Tambores Te Llaman – Ocha Records

The suggestion of late nights and early morning light is never far from possibility as these smoky, emotionally soulful rhythms seduce you while celebrating the labels 100th release. Los Tambores Te Llaman is presented in an array of mixes (including the Osunlade original) and is now accompanied by an English language version, but whatever your choice may be the depths of Carlos Mena’s spoken word are truly satisfying. The sound of brisk drums lift the grooves alongside a gentle sprinkle of atmospheric keys and percussionist Tony Rosa adds fire to the imagination with the Casamena mixes hitting heights. Alternatively if you want it stripped down to bare basics then both acapella’s are included in all their glory.

Release: March 6



Vince Watson – Another Rendezvous/ Dakota – Make it Better – Yoruba Records

Another reason why great music is still as vibrant as it ever was. Take Vince Watson’s beautifully realised, poignant and very musical offering. Let’s start at this point as Another Rendezvous journey’s across emotive landscapes taking in heart-warming piano, soulful percussion and a sense of occasion that truly serves its ten plus minutes in duration. Put it this way, you leave the experience feeling better than when you began it. On the flipside Dakota and Osunlade’s vocals fuse together over more typically rhythm and bluesy grooves on Make it Better while soulfully satisfying the quest for a song.

Release: April 6


Jullian Gomes – 1000 Memories (feat Sio) – Atjazz

Remembering the more soulful end of the spectrum is this most choice release from Atjazz. Jullian Gomes cool original version not only has keys to die for but when the deep bass hits alongside the breath of Sio’s delicate voice then this is clearly heaven sent. Spine-tingling in the way that only certain sounds and notes can provoke. New remixes come from Kaytronik, Osunlade, Fred Everything and Atjazz himself, with the latter two reworking the emotional intensity into blinding proportions. Please go listen for yourself.


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carlos-menaCarlos Mena
Deep Forever More
Yoruba Records

Three brand new tracks adore this latest release from Carlos Mena and as you might well expect they combine the words: deep, pounding yet evocative House music. The release opens with the self-explanatory Bang It which has Osunlade intone its title until you well and truly receive the message. Musically its edgy fusion of scratchy beats plus pulsating stabs that will see this placed firmly on the dancefloor, and is accompanied by an instrumental should you so desire. Elegba then explores tribal percussion, expressive chords/ vocals and even fretless bass, while Deep Forever More returns to a clash of more challenging electronics alongside a spoken message that resonates in timeless fashion.

Release: February 8 2016.

Illusion EP

This EP’s title is tailor made for those who like it deep, tough and forward-thinking. Indeed the title track: Illusion is quite something, verging on excellence. Driven by a rich amalgamation of dark, brooding beats, probing bass and a smouldering vocal that cuts to the chase this first-rate arrangement of imaginative sounds stamps Tribal, House and even Techno boxes. Complimented neatly by the Everything version, and then by the contrasting fizzy electronics of Wolves this proves to be yet another notable release from Kittball.

Release: Beatport February 23

Two Diggers PicTwo Diggers feat James Dexter
Fatback EP

Another intriguing production to bring to your attention is this three track release on James Dexter’s relatively new Inermu imprint. Opening via the smoky Disco flavours of Fatback which blends sampled subtlety just as much as it does pounding beats, there is something just that bit different, more creative going on here. The even friskier Queen then sets pulses racing with deeper repeating intensity, while the final number To The Blues may well hint at their influences and features another fiery bassline amid a frenzy of drums and voices (assisted this time by James Dexter).

Release: March 14


Osunlade Q&A

osHow has 2015 been for Yoruba Records, and can you tell us about why you have decided to launch Yoruba Soul?

The year has been great for the label. Every year has its challenges, today’s main challenge being vinyl production turn around, however we have been lucky, also splitting up manufacturing helps. Yoruba Soul was born from a long need to separate the non-house music on the label. There are nearly equal amounts of non-dance material on the label however these releases get lost as most know Yoruba for house music mainly. The label also gets mistaken as Yoruba Soul as that’s been the branding of my remixes, so Yoruba Soul was fitting and familiar. My idea was to simply create a 7″ sub label dedicated to all things other than dance music. I decided to instead base the labels format on double gatefold 7″ as it was something I’d not seen before.

The excellent debut release on Yoruba Soul from Miles Bonny ‘I Bring You Love’ pushes atmospheric boundaries. How do you feel about it, and what attracted you to signing the songs?

yoMiles and I have been kindred for some time now, I’ve been a fan of his for years and we are both from Missouri. He joined me on tour in Australia a few years back and we always spoke of him doing something for the label. It took us about a year to get here, mostly due to the design of the dbl 7″. I’m very happy with the release as it opens stage doors but doesn’t dictate the shape of the rooms. Yoruba Soul will be anything soulful, be it with a beat words or even music in the basic sense for that matter.. It’s a simple exploration of sound and another vehicle for my family to express themselves without the boundaries of the 4×4.


How do you feel about the art of song writing in recent years – and also in terms of how dancefloors react to them around the world?

There is very little song writing going on in my opinion, most things are repeats of something already said or heard. That being said, as always there are many new artists pushing the boundaries. I suppose it’s what you’re being served. I am a music fiend so I look for the unknown. Most I think are the opposite. Those things their fed are without soul or song. In terms of the dance floor, it’s changed a bit..normally people go up for vocals and certain emotion in the song, today that’s replaced with the break down, build up crap, however organic wins over hype every time. One can never deny a good feeling.

Cello_front_sideCan you tell us about your studio set-up and how you balance your day between work and life?

My studio is mostly analog gear, I record and edit with logic. I balance work and life simply. It’s one and the same. I’m never doing just one. Recording happens when the inspiration comes. Running the label(s), 24/7, managing the artists 24/7 .. it all falls into the life category. It’s one event for me.

What is your favourite instrument – do you own one?

Cello, yes

Can you tell us about your latest Mix on Soundcloud: No Sleep?

Basically couldn’t sleep while in Paris. Woke up decided to make the mix to distract sleep. Always nice to create when everything around is calm

Outside of Dance music which artists have you been listening to most?

There is music playing 24/7 in my life so I can’t say one artist plays over another, but to name a few this week and presently on my mind., floating points, abbollina, dornik, sounds of nature, the dramatics just to name a few

What are your plans for 2016?

Take a break, finish my album and spend as much time in nature as humanly possible
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Single of the Week

Vince Watson
Eminesence EP

Eminesence 1500x1500Stunning release from the label sees Vince Watson’s opening track, A Moment With Lonnie surpass itself via an outstanding intro of gorgeous instrumental ambience that you just don’t want to stop. Eminesence, happens next with juicy House bass joined by funky percussion which soon expands itself into yet more blissful musicality, and then onto Calypso with its punchy vibes providing an alternative uplifting experience. Under The Skin completes the sequence with a tastefully jazzy inflected score that is round-about note perfect for the coming spring evenings.

Vinyl Release Date: 02-03-2015
Digital Release: 09-03-2015

Shiba San
Planet Floor

Once you get past the deeply unsettling cover then this bass driven cut is a joy to behold. First up are the addictive, sizzling drums which are soon complimented by those compelling Chicago-style deep tones, plus the odd touch of vocal and slightly twisted keys for added extra measure. Show Me, Show Me, follows with even more unfeasibly big basslines which are this time accompanied by standout piano and pumping beats, along with a twisted breakdown that certainly reaches a peak. Either way, a completely first-rate experience.

Release: February 23

Mobilee Back To Back Vol. 9 – presented by Re.You

mobileeCompiling and celebrating their tenth year in existence the Berlin based label certainly has plenty to share in terms of both depth and excellence. Reshaped and remodeled by Re.You this two disc experience gives everything and more care off the sonically charged music contained with the first disc highlighting 2014. For me, if it was even Anja Schneider’s outstanding ‘Jimmy’ and Lee Van Dowski excellent ‘050504′ on a loop I’d be more than happy, but of course the label is about so much more with tracks from the likes of  Rodriguez Jr. and Ross Evans all feeling vital and contemporary. Re.You then comes into his own on the second disc by deconstructing and then re-imaging a handful of Mobilee’s back catalogue which are then reconstructed into two 30 minute mixes. Add to that excitement some brand new remixes along with hot Ninetoes collaboration, ‘Union’ and Volume 9 clearly makes for essential listening.

Release date: February 27

Spyderman EP

Been around since Christmas (remember that) and having just been brought to my attention it would be amiss not to reignite your attention on this. Combining irresistible, dark smoky bass alongside Jamie Porteous’ teasing, breathy vocals which lend this great production a tantalising sheen on title track, Spyderman. Next comes the deeper, equally compelling Inside which plays meandering synth lines against sassy rhythms, and again feels lush and inviting. Next please.