No Rabbitz – Spiritual Healing EP – Out of Home! Go to House! Records

A title that comes loaded with this much meaning is going to attract attention. Quite rightly so. Spiritual Healing is all about resolve, hinting at the warm breath of melody while leaving little to the imagination in terms of impact via its powerful, smouldering drums and taught synth lines. The original version combines all of those attributes, touching upon a range of emotions, unfolding with each layer of sound. Steve Sai then subtly moves the production into darker territory by tweaking the elements as edgy atmospheres and accompanying arpeggios work themselves determinedly into distraction. Leaving Panos Diasinos to contrast it all with more progressive leanings.


ugurUgur Project
Out of Home! Go to House! Records

Another notable care of this imprint and indeed a killer production from Ugur Project aka Turkish producer Ugur Altintas. Featuring three tracks and beginning at the sure-fire starting point provided by the excellent Lilium which fuses sizzling, excitable basslines together with brash, fuzzy stabs plus insistent drumming and curiously dark voices. Next, Pump The Beat feels more introspective with its more expansive production rolling out deft percussion amid a fizzy array of synthesizers. Take It Down, then completes in more typically Techno fashion with twisted sounds competing for your attention against yet another provocative arrangement.

Exclusive Release: October 18 (traxsource)
Global Release: November 1