In My Room

imr17Lifted from the current album ‘Lost’ Trentemøller’s latest standout single fuses a fuzzy sense of gothic with Sune Rose Wagner’s deliciously tempting vocals sounding like starlight has just struck the horizon. Heady guitar’s, piercing violins stabs and brooding synths cover this with a dark sheen which is all too irresistible. Appearing alongside the album mix are two new takes including Trentemøller‘s own Club version which injects some extra percussion into the groove giving it a somewhat sassier rhythm. Unkwon then treat you with another imagining amid a sequence of pulsating electronics and vocal effects paying compliment to the outstanding original.

Craig Smith
Only When It Is Darkest EP

Simmering with the same energetic essence that MAW used to lend their drums this great production from Craig Smith has pounding beats demand your attention as an infusion of jazzy synth stabs hypnotize you. The Phlash Remix adds punchier drums and a treated voiceover to additional piano chords and tech bass resulting in a typically notable remix. The equally tasty Fabio Della Torre version then takes it deeper giving it an almost ambient underscore, with second track Matter Dont Matter ending the EP on a more downtempo note complete with a Balearic twist.

release: May 19

Lerio Corrado
Mystical Heaven EP
Bauns Music

Italian imprint Bauns Music has fittingly releases this great production by Naples DJ Lerio Corrado. And the exiting quality of the title track, Mystical Heaven is that while the beats feel purely Techno the undulating funkiness of the rhythms and (in places) Jazzy synth lines give this a distinct edge that practically breaks free from categorization. Next, So What adds sparky attitude to more expansive bass and whirling electronics, with final track to complete this striking release, Behind The Groove simply getting weirder – that’s a compliment BTW.

release: May 19

Simple EP
Plug Audio

artworks-000077546671-gbklpy-t500x500Providing a taste of what lays in store from their forthcoming album the Polish production duo lay down some very gorgeous Jazzy flavours in anticipation with this EP. Packed full of moods, bass, and horns accompanied by some very snazzy drumming this plays like the soundtrack to one of those perfect summer evenings just around the corner. Standouts include the carnival of sounds that is On The Road and the melancholy strains of the aptly titled Soundtrack – the outstanding video is below.


Phil Asher (restless soul) Q&A

For the uninitiated what words would you use to describe your sound?

Phil Asher webVaried Music of many Colours, I make Slower Beats as the restless soul fun Band, Deeper Dancefloor stuff as Phlash, I released an LP in Japan in January 2013, Called “FUN” by the restless soul Fun Band. The 2nd Phlash LP – Phlash is back is out on Archive in the next month or two. Aisling & the Haze 7″ single on R2 came out over 2 months ago. I have remixed, Soulfull Session & Lois & the Love, & the Brand New Heavies…Produced a Wonderfull cover version for an Amazing singer called Adam Glover, I’ve signed 2 release to a new label in Scotland call “Fathom’s Deep” & just mixed down two new cuts for 1Trax, That’s not counting the numerous Re-Edit’s, GDFN & Otherwise. That’s just this year. I probably make a beat everyday. To the layman My Sound can only be described as House Music, to the further informed you could call it Soulful Electronic dance Music. I have been known to make Jazz & Disco infused productions, which vary in tempo from 87bpm to 130 bpm.

You currently run labels restless soul & RSTLSS TRX. Can you tell us about the origins of the names and the concept behind the two different imprints?

restless soul is for the Songs, RSTLSS TRX is for the Tracks. It really is that simple.

Soul Renegades – Now Your Gonna Save Me – Restless Soul

Phil Asher ‘London Style’ RSTLSS TRAX

Who initially inspired your love of Dance music, what clubs/ Dj’s were you first into?

My Parents where my first influence, they both worked at record shop’s when I was very young, they would bring records home, Some of which I still listen to. Dj’s wise I remember Dj Froggy & Steve Walsh being my first Dj hero’s then progressed onto Dj Red Alert & Tony Humphries, Noel & Maurice Watson and John Peel on Radio 1 & My best Mate Ray Whittard, whom I originally started producing Music with.
I still have many DJ heroes, Craig smith, Osunlade, Joe Claussell, Terry Jones, Kenny Dope, Karizma, Dego, Christian Pronovost Etc Etc.

How did your show: The restless soul show originally come about for Mi-Soul radio?

A well groomed Gentleman called Gordon Mac, the Founder of Kiss Fm in the UK, approached me to host the restless soul show on Saturday nights, Musical Freedom was the rule, I agreed and joined the Mi-soul Crew.

What have been working on in the studio recently? What inspires you to create music?

Life, People. Other People’s Music, Places, Time & Space all inspire Me, Lately I have signed singles to Fathom’s Deep, 1Trax & More About Music, Just  Remixed, Urban sound Lab, Soulfull Session & The Brand New Heavies. We are in the middle of recording the 2nd Aisling & the Haze single, I’ve got various projects on the go with Singers & Producers. I’m always working on a Beat.

Do you have any particular favourite pieces of software etc you like use in producing?

I like my Native Instruments, Maschine & Komplete, I also love my MacBook Pro & my Sm58

Can you tell us about the GDFN London project with Martin Lodge?

It’s a Party we do, where we play 70’s & 80’s anthem’s/radio tracks, we do a lot of re-edits for the night mostly from multi tracks that we find in the cloud.
It’s a non house sing along, let your hair down, walk down memory lane type of affair, lot’s of guilty pleasure & Fun – You should pop by one night, Night.
We run the party sporadically, the venue is always different & never more than 200 capacity – Get Down Friday Night.

What are your thoughts on the current fashion for Deep House and songs. Do you think people have become more open-minded for soulful sounds again?

As long as people Call it House, I’m happy: deep, techy, spiritual, soulful, Afro, they are all just basically “House Music”.
Song’s & Tracks have both become more accepted by the masses, now it’s time to break the genres down, and go back to living in One House, the way we used to do it.

Where can people get to hear you play over the coming months?

phil aYou can hear me spinning soon in Brixton, Edinburgh, Amsterdam & Italy, Every Saturday night between 11pm &1am on Mi-soul radio, or via restless soul & RSTLSS TRX on the www. I have recently done remixes for the Brand New Heavies, Urban Sound Lab & Soulfull Session.