Etienne Jaumet
Versatile Records

Clocking in at over ten minutes this semi – epic from Zombie Zombie’s Etienne Jaumet delivers a brooding production that sits on the very edge of darkness. Light is to be glimpsed inside the tunnel as his vision of seventies analogue soundtracks’ meets addictive acid tones in an undulating sound clash of discotheque proportions. You can’t help but love this. John Convex provides the remix with a more up-tempo feel to the beats and squelchy electro notes reworking the theme most effectively with added vocal snippets. 9

release: 28 November 2011



Mari Posa
‘Royaume A Stockholm EP’

The enticing Parisian singer and instrumentalist Mari Posa combines beguiling vocals with breezy pop melodies and swirling European electronics to produce music that is unsuspecting and wonderful. Mike Simonetti from Italians Do It Better then gives the song some edge with sizzling sounds and arpeggio signatures which only go to make the voice sound even more appealing. A dub follows with House beats and piano for more dancefloor action but either this EP is well worth investigation. 8



Jean Wells
‘Soul On Soul’
BBE Records

When you listen to Jean Wells you don’t want to be anywhere else. This compilation begins with her 1967 hit, Have A Little Mercy and touches upon everything great about great about Black American Music that preceded it – with the exception of Jazz. Its cornerstone is firmly rooted in Gospel as vocals and feeling soar on, After Loving You; get mournful with, Our Sweet Love Turned Bitter; then turn sassy on the label’s current single release, Somebody’s Been Loving You (But It Ain’t Me). If you can say that Soul music charts the ups and downs of life then who better than Jean Wells to accompany the rollercoaster. 9

release: 28 November 2011



Antonio Santana
Pole Position Recordings

Pole Position does it once again, this time with Mexico’s Antonio Santana who’s pumping production swings with a groovy intent. The bass is deep, while the tops shimmer with jazzy snares sounding hot in amongst an array of feverish percussion on title track, Moroko. The remix comes from Soulplate who lift the tempo and rework the music into something with a more soulful edge. The second and standout track, Epileptia again features snazzy drums, although this time with plenty of filtered action and comes coupled a sequence of hypnotic edits which make it all feel warmer and funkier. A Groovy Mix of the same completes the picture. 8

release: 28 November 2011


Reviews: 4

Ryan Taubman
‘Back From The Moon’
DisFunktional Music

If you want to spend time trying to class this as techno, house, tech-house or whatever then please be my guest – sometimes it’s hard to figure that one out precisely. If on the other hand the words, syncopated bass and throbbing electronic beats are more to your liking then this is most definitely for you. This is Ryan Taubman’s second release for the label and once again it doesn’t disappoint with hypnotic twisted rhythms and off-kilter noise galore this proves to be rather irresistible. Danny Jay then turns out another fine mix by tweaking the elements and adding bleeps to his deeper take on, Back from the Moon. Random Encounter, almost feels accessible in comparison while, What Stays the Same moves back to deep and pounding with distorted notes and hot tribal voices. 8

released: 26/08/11



Luis Sastre
Pole Position Recordings

More tough grooves (good) this time from Toronto based Luis Sastre with what turns out to be the labels seventeenth release! Not sure if, Shakey refers to the earth shaking sub-bass or something else entirely but none the less this sounds monumental LOUD with tripped out voices and driving tribal rhythms scoring high with Magazine Sixty. Do One More, is possibly even better with yet darker sub, infectious percussion loops and insistent preacher vocals which quite literally twist the proverbial. Lovely. 9

Released Sept 5