Ritual Chants
Eskimo Recordings

Enchanting and engaging. Both begin with an E and both suggest what’s in store from this glorious long player created by the mind that is Psychemagik. Crossing a total of three CD’s/ two Vinyl of unescapable delight this compilation spans all and sundry from the watery ambience of Man Parrish’s opening number through to the gritty funk of Pop Corn Makers ‘Nothing’. What’s also great here is that I haven’t heard of at least half of this music before. Excellent. Leaving the excitable experience to inform and ignite your listening journey. Take the sultry, slinky grooves of the excellently titled ‘Saga Of A Secluded Swamp Monster’ by G.R.C. Five for starters and then add Dionne’s timely House rhythms from ‘Come Get My Lovin” and you’ll get the feeling of diversity here that makes this compilation of gems so very, very appealing.

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Psychemagik feat. Renegade
Black Noir Schwarz
Crosstown Rebels

CRM_121_LabelADon’t quite know why it took me a second listen but in love with this now. Psychemagik are producer’s you clearly pay attention too while having set the world alight with their diverse approach to music making that always keeps you second guessing. In this instance devilish House beats and delicious rumbling Bass feel all the more addictive care off an invigorating arrangement of punchy vocal edits and off the wall effects. Remixes come care of Tensnake who gives it a more sinister twist and the excellent Minéo who then adds a creative, funky groove to the title.

release: March 10

Smoke & Mirrors EP

Debuting on their brand new label Manchester’s System 2 give House Music a definite twist with the inclusion of funky breaks à la James Brown style. That and the cutting horn stabs lend it all a distinctive funkiness which oozes 70’s grittiness that’s so hard to capture authentically. Pounding and relentless this sits neatly between House and Hip-Hop as vocal snippets tease you into defying the possible distinctions. Hanfry Martinez then stokes the tension further via his remix that gives the breaks and bass a crisper edge feeling all the more vital for it. Nobodies Freakin, plays with those same influences on another original production that you can’t help but move to, leaving Body to end with a more challenging groove befitting of the EP’s serious intent.

release: mid March

Various Artists
Future Disco Vol. 7 – ‘Til The Lights Come Up

Number seven in the series continues with the concept that in ways sums up the place where everyone seeks to be: Future Disco. And opening with Sonny Fodera feat. Cajmere super sassy ‘You’re The One’ is a hard act to follow but the one thing this compilation isn’t short on and that’s flair as Sean Brosnan’s mix traverse’s the highlife. For me the moodier moments are all the more intriguing such as the Psychemagik remix of Mirror People ‘Kaleidoscope’ but then the irresistible funk from the likes of  Benoit & Sergio’s ‘Shake Shake’ comes a pretty close second. For some reason this compilation seems more diverse than the previous with happy peak-time tracks easily offset by a wider selection of styles, leaving the haunting tones of Tale Of Us & Clockwork ‘Lost Keys’ to end on an amazing low note.

release: February 24‎

El Vagabundo feat. Pablo J
Luv Lite

This stunning production contains everything I love about nightclubs. From the Latin inspired percussion to the Flamenco styled guitar coupled with deep basslines these 9 minutes of sheer Balearic pleasure are a joy from start to finish. Scan Mode Sound Sistema Dub follows by stripping down to essentials on what is another equally irresistible take. Two versions from Portugal’s Jepe then follow and finish, although it’s hard to choose between the weirdness of the Intercontinental Planetary mix or the House rhythms of the Red Sand Mix. Sunshine music.

release: March 10


Reviews: 10

Timo Garcia
303 Lovers

Always exciting to hear from Timo Garcia and as this is delivered by 303 Lovers you can guess just what means! Based loosely around Sly Dunbar talking about the switch from analog to digital drum programming in Jamaica this splices the dividing line between melody and rhythm together perfectly. After lulling you into a false sense of security with its bass throbbing rhythm section warm yet off-set stabs are added to heighten the sense of occasion on the original version. The Kingston Mix then steps it up a gear, while DZeta N’ Basile provide a stunning remix by twisting the elements over a feverish House groove. 8

Available Beatport 16 Sept 11


‘Like Valley of Paradise / Star Lazer’

Heard this again one morning, as its just reappeared, and have to say it still sounds exceptional this afternoon. You may already be familiar with their excellent series of re-edits such as Talking Heads ‘This must be the place’ however this is the first single to be lifted from the imminent album – and if this is anything to go by, well you know the cliché by now. Stirring strings, mellow Rhodes and hallowed vocals elevate this to somewhere far beyond and I really can’t recommend it highly enough – certainly if you’re of a Balearic disposition. Meanwhile, Star Lazer sparkles spectacularly with euro-disco flair: think Koto and Cerrone and you’ll be in the right location. 9