BLOND:ISH x Rowee – Garden of 3Den – Abracadabra

The meditative, reflective qualities imbued within this collaboration are perhaps most apparent but listen closer and there is a wealth of sonic imagination to dive into. Vivie-Ann Bakos aka BLOND:ISH community based imprint ABRACADABRA is the perfect setting for this release asking questions, proposing answers as does the music itself care off the spoken philosophical inquiry. Two versions available with the fiery pulse of the original’s drums alongside the seductive chime of Marimba and heavenly swirl of lush atmospheres see it all quietly explode, shattering soulfully. Much as the proceeding and rather sublime Meditation Mix does, which as you can imagine comes beat-free and is all the more powerful for it.

Release: December 11



Rowee, Thomas Gandey, Cari Golden – Rise – Saturn Return

The fourth release on Rowee’s relatively new imprint is simply spellbinding. Listen to Cari Golden’s exquisitely poised vocal on the Ambient Mix is it evolves alongside the gentle punctuation of electric piano and the heady roll of drums. Rise remembers the meaning of that dignified word music in telling terms as this is very much about the power of instrumentation and also of voice, feeling all the more refreshing for it in days which may not seem that invigorating. The original version compliments those sentiments with the addition of beats, bass and a blissful arrangement of swirling keys, plus cinematic stretches of imagination, expressed across nine minutes of beautifully moving moments.

Release: May 15

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Rowee – Euphydryas – Saturn Return

Launching Saturn Return into 2020 Rowee delivers on a promise with four tastefully produced gems. The title track, Euphydryas slides into vision via booming, sumptuous kicks plus an accompanying melodic chime and atmospheric richness that you will already associate with the artist. Desert Rain neatly contrasts with Jazzy reflections amid taught drums and bass, this time alongside a flurry of treated voices. The more introspective and excellent Jewel Of The Seas follows suite, leaving the final mallet strikes of Origami to end on a further high completing this inaugural release from the brand new imprint.

Release: January 31


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Rowee – Your Eyes – TRYBESof

I have to say there’s something about Rowee’s production that I love. Creatively inspired, forward-thinking sounds which engage much more than just the dancefloor (although of course that’s an important factor too in all this) but which exists in a class of elevated music just like any other. This release, which appears on Lee Burridge’s TRYBESof imprint, has an abundance of those qualities on display opening with the tempting title track, Your Eyes appearing here in two versions. As with all the tracks they are driven by a compelling, rhythmic arrangement of ideas that sequence passion and in this particular case by KnowControl’s perfectly pitched, resolutely emotive vocals. The remaining numbers satisfy a range of possibilities from late night adventures, or an accompaniment to the morning sunshine, with titles such as Days Of Future Past and Sea Whisper. Either way try for yourself.

Release: May 27



Rowee – Dharmony – Rebellion

The artist continues his exploration into all things resolutely emotive plugging into the mainframe of electrical authenticity. The beautiful musicality of Dharmony unfolds over eight plus minutes of carefully curated ecstasy combing chiming keys along with brooding drums and low-end notation. Next, Momento provides a neat contrast with more insistent, caustic synths realizing unnerving atmospheres as KnowKontrol’s heavily effected voice adds a sublime, yearning quality to it all, augmenting the pulsations of the timely machine drums perfectly.

Release: December 8


Rowee aka Leonardo Gonnelli Q&A

2017 sees the launch of your new alias: Rowee with a single for Rebellion. What’s the story behind the name and why have you chosen to use an alias?

Rowee comes from a story based on a profound feeling for music, representing an alter ego; it is the darkest part of me, and at the same time the hypnotic and mental part, music with a soul.  Artists often have several different faces, and the decision to hide a side of myself in Rowee was immediately the right choice. I needed to somehow express a part of me that I hadn’t yet revealed.

The release ‘Disguise EP’ features collaborations with Thomas Gandey, KnowKontrol and Simon Wish. Tell us about how your working relationship came about with these artists? And with label itself?

I met Damian Lazarus at a party in Tuscany, where we talked about some demos I had tucked away in a drawer… I always thought that the best “home” for Rowee would be Crosstown Rebels / Rebellion. Damian Lazarus is a great artist whom I hold in the highest esteem, both for his musical choices as a DJ, as well as for the high quality of his labels.  The Disguise EP represents a “voyage” divided into three different sections; “Earth To You” created together with our friend Thomas Gandey describes sensuality and essentiality through music. We created a minimal environment that serves as a background for a sensual, cutting edge voice. We got to know Thomas a few years ago, sharing the console at a well-known Italian club. We started collaborating on that day and have since cultivated a valuable friendship and in-tune relationship. The second track that gives the EP its name is “Disguise”, a collaboration with the singer KnowKontrol, a profound track with an authentic soul, “a lost sense of complicity hidden behind the guise of two people pretending that their relationship is OK”. I have always admired the vocals by KnowKontrol on tracks like “After Dark” by &ME on “KeineMusik” or “Shadows” on “Saved”, so the decision to collaborate with him was easy. The voyage concludes with “It Shows You”, a collaboration with our friend from New York, Simon Wish. We developed the track with an acidic sound and the right energy for the dancefloor, a perfect conclusion for this 3-Track EP.

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Can you talk us through how you created one of the tracks from the initial inspiration to the final production? How would you describe the studio that you like to use?

Work in the studio is usually very fast and straightforward. I try to convey my concept based on inspiration from past artists and sounds that are often beyond just the dancefloor, to then go into the studio and work on all the ideas together and develop the album. I really like using Moog, Modular, Minimonsta systems; they are often a source of great inspiration for creating an album. In the case of the single “Disguise”, the entire concept was born from the vocals and the feeling they expressed; I just needed to create the right costume to perfectly fit the meaning conveyed by the voice.  So with an ever-present and essential groove, a hypnotic riff and a moog synth that gives the perfect energy behind the vocals. The result was exactly what I was looking for, the right balance between groove and synths, emphasizing the vox to their maximum.

You’re playing at the BPM Festival in January. How do you prepare for such an event? And what are your feelings on the rise of festival culture (as opposed to having a residency in a Club)?

I think the BPM Festival today represents one of the top festivals in the world, with an enviable line up and the incredible backdrop of Playa Del Carmen. I am much honored to be part of the official line up. I love festivals that take place under the sun, giving the atmosphere positive vibes, plenty of smiles and energy. I don’t think it’s possible to compare a club and a festival, because they each give you a different sensation… a club makes you feel “at home” with the contact among the people immediate creating a great feeling on the dancefloor, with the “detachment” between the console and the public is totally cancelled out in a club.  In contrast, a festival does not really have this aspect, because detachment is unavoidable, but the energy of a big crowd gives you a one of a kind, amazing sensation.
Tell us about your choice of music for the forthcoming BPM2017 compilation? What for you makes the perfect club track?

I usually don’t choose the music before the event, and I always try to let myself be transported by the emotions that are generated by the dancefloor as I am playing; that’s when I select the tracks for my set, often alternating my works with those from other artists. I don’t think a perfect track exists, but I do think that a DJ’s approach to the dancefloor makes any track the perfect one.

What’s the scene like in Florence at the moment? What are your favourite Bars & Clubs?

Florence is an incredible city, full of beautiful places for organizing parties, and the underground scene is very interesting. There are many talented people and interesting parties happening, like Nobody’s Perfect at Tenax, the Next Tech Festival (for the techno scene) and many others, like the Tropical Animals, who represent the essence of the Florentine underground scene.

How did you first get into producing music and where did you learn about it?

I began producing about 10 years ago, but my first real approach to music was when I was young and I studied how to read a stave and understand the notes, as well as studying acoustic guitar. I have always thought that studying is important, but I think it is just as important to learn from people who have a lot of experience. For example, Fabrizio Giovannozzi (a well-known engineer who passed away a few years ago) is one of those people I always admired for his body of knowledge and experience in the world of sound mixing. I learned a lot from him and I began to understand many aspects that cannot always be found in books. It is important to listen to and capture what you can from everyone, to then reinvent it within your own mind.

What are your plans for 2017?

2017 is just the beginning. Rowee debuts in the month of January with two very important EPs, one on the Steve Bug label and the other on the Damian Lazarus label. I am very happy to be part of an important crew like the “Crosstown Rebels / Rebellion”. I am already working on new tracks, and why not, maybe a new album? So stay tuned!


Rowee – Disguise EP – Rebellion

Leonardo Gonnelli’s brand new alias launches into 2017 with a renewed vigour featuring three new tracks and collaborations. The opening gambit combines the effervescing production talents of perineal Magazine Sixty favourite Thomas Gandey with the aptly spacey Earth To You entailing the airwaves with dark, smoky drums and fizzy electronics running over the course of several thrilling minutes. Disguise, featuring KnowKontrol follows on with more rigorous drum programming accompanying throbbing basslines plus probing tones and Dwayzo Lawrence’s yearning vocals. Leaving the suggestive Simon Wish collab It Shows You to end this first rate release with punchier percussion fuelling energetic rhythms and forward thinking propositions.

Release: January 27