Christian Burkhardt, Sascha Dive – Fast Forward EP – Deeperfect

Let’s begin the new decade at this point. Like House Music never really died, it just altered mutating into new, equally exciting forms. And you get that feeling as the bass and drums kick into gear on Forward, suggesting a yearning fed by rigorous rhythms and tough, hard-edged production values. Funky yet technological. Backward, doesn’t do so but points at ways forward via emotive voices alongside pounding beats, all creating a sense of resonating space. Finally, Per Hammar remixes Backward highlighting seductive, breathy vocals plus a definitive sting in the percussive tail as underlying sounds unfold to heighten, then explode tension.

Release: January 10


Sascha Dive – Detroit Sunrise – Bondage Music

If music is about conjuring up emotions, images of the past as future rendition, then Sascha Dive’s smouldering arrangement of the pieces captures the sentiment perfectly. The title track, Detroit Sunrise evolves in layers of sound that are as atmospheric as they are deliciously energetic. All at once warm, yet brutal, challenging you to move forwards. Dub Chronicles #1 and Dub Chronicles #2 continue that sultry sense of relief as both versions then dig deeper, leaving room for the Detroit inspired melodies of Ghostdancer to complete this excellent release of rigorous possibilities.

Release: November 25


Reviews: 180

pokeryouANDme & The Analog Roland Orchestra feat. Black Soda
Reflection EP
Poker Flat Recordings

This stunning release from the label engages you on many different levels flying the flag somewhere in-between haunting and spiritual. Black Soda’s unnerving voice only serves to heighten the tension created by youANDme’s dark fusion of terse electronics and while this may not always be a comfortable ride it most certainly is a captivating one. A Dub and Acid mix accompany the original again sitting you at the edge of imaginative forward-thinking atmospheres. The Hyenah remix then explores warmer elements of rhythm on a welcome relaxation of all that simmering tension, while the equally engaging ambience of the Morning Light version provides similar pleasure.

Release: September 30

Sascha Dive
After the Storm

You could use the adage: method in the madness here but that doesn’t quite get to where it needs to be. Sascha Dive’s forceful repetition drives into the heart of the night with an unsettling combination of whirring, synthesized sounds and undulating bass hits along with spoken echoes plus brisk drums. All of which induces a kind of hypnotic wonder that you will either plug into gaining the sonic rewards, or not. Ion Ludwig supplies the remix with a succession of deep, pulsating low-end notes and a warm rush of keys defining extra possibilities that surprisingly make you forget about which genre to attach to the music you’re listening to.

Ralph Lawson
Lost In The Storm
2020 Vision

Excellent production from the main-man Ralph Lawson who sets the controls to stun on this fiercely underground arrangement of sounds. Setting aside the five remixes which accompany the original this smouldering combination of dubbed chords and sizzling drums breathe fresh impetus into the electronic soundtrack, bravely defying your expectations with this percussion fueled gem while satisfying your thirst care of its brooding ‘Storm’ ignited sound effects.  The remixes then all play on, and around, the theme with the enviable list beginning with Hector Couto, Barem, Shaun Reeves, Fernandos and ending up with Rui-Z. Leaving you with the suitably abrupt Storm FX to finish.

Release: October 3

Gari Romalis
D-Alpha Experience
Future 1701

Gari Romalis begins his own label Future 1701, alongside Subwax Distribution, with the this typically pounding yet soulfully rewarding set of numbers. The Quarentine Mix of People Under The Stairs begins this set of four care off its warm, oversized kick-drum amid a gentle wash of atmospheric keys. Itz Krazy (Word) follows with a perkier tempo which again engages emotive keys alongside the thumping rhythm section. Next, God of Dawn supplies suitably expansive, filtered ambience across this captivating production, leaving the undulating electronics of Hard Limiter (Trading Spaces Mix) to end this notable debut from the imprint.