Rowee, Thomas Gandey, Cari Golden – Rise – Saturn Return

The fourth release on Rowee’s relatively new imprint is simply spellbinding. Listen to Cari Golden’s exquisitely poised vocal on the Ambient Mix is it evolves alongside the gentle punctuation of electric piano and the heady roll of drums. Rise remembers the meaning of that dignified word music in telling terms as this is very much about the power of instrumentation and also of voice, feeling all the more refreshing for it in days which may not seem that invigorating. The original version compliments those sentiments with the addition of beats, bass and a blissful arrangement of swirling keys, plus cinematic stretches of imagination, expressed across nine minutes of beautifully moving moments.

Release: May 15

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Rowee – Euphydryas – Saturn Return

Launching Saturn Return into 2020 Rowee delivers on a promise with four tastefully produced gems. The title track, Euphydryas slides into vision via booming, sumptuous kicks plus an accompanying melodic chime and atmospheric richness that you will already associate with the artist. Desert Rain neatly contrasts with Jazzy reflections amid taught drums and bass, this time alongside a flurry of treated voices. The more introspective and excellent Jewel Of The Seas follows suite, leaving the final mallet strikes of Origami to end on a further high completing this inaugural release from the brand new imprint.

Release: January 31


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