Kazuya Nagaya – Mother in the River Wading – SCI+TEC

When music transcends the disquiet generated the surrounding world you know that you have discovered something pretty special. When sounds escape the structures of clique and are free to roam their own path the listening experience becomes all the more significant. This collection of pieces from Japanese percussionist and ambient producer Kazuya Nagaya moves your soul in unexpected ways, leaving a pivotal sense of loss that contrasts sublimely within a place of inner peace. Compelling and beautiful for those reasons alone and yet that doesn’t quite feel like enough explanation as to the power certain music can produce. The final sequence is called, Dream Interpretation I Old Theatre Mix and while the strings play out, amid a haunting breath of reality, the unfolding chimes and consequent tension all find a place to communicate. On occasion words aren’t really enough. Sometimes it is simply better to recline, encounter and absorb….

Release: February 7

Pre-Order http://scitec.lnk.to/DreamInterpretation





Habischman – Intelligent Signals EP – SCI+TEC

Love the tantalising combination of searing, dark beauty and pumping, succinct drums which never feel less than brilliant – also the accompanying artwork. There’s more than enough funk injected into the core sensations generated by this crisp, forward-reaching production that positively sizzles with tension as punctuating keys stab at the heart of the matter. And that’s just Signals. The effervescent, Intelligent Machines follows with more pace and furious rhythms dancing across the stereo as the warm musical rush of keys hit the airwaves during the breathless breakdown. More than enough…

Release: June 28