Siler – Still A Kid – Popcorn Records

Might be the way the balmy weather this afternoon tunes into the soul however label co-founder Antoine Molkou captures those particular moments beautifully on Saint Eustache. It’s uncomplicated yet perfectly pitched with repeating organ tones underpinning the score of classical instrumentation that lends the production a tasteful, atmospheric sheen – oh, plus the basslines’ gorgeous. Rue Vignon, then contrasts with fiery, punchy snares accompanying a more vigorous bass and quick-fire attitude, while deeper climes are again reached for on Spatial Purim featuring Flabaire which sequences twisted synth lines together with a rich sensation of drums coupled to low-end theory.

Release: September 22




siler-dima Siler & Dima
Friends Chip EP ft Chez Damier & Le Loup

Popcorn Records co-founders Siler & Dima return to the fray with this hot-wired explosion of cool, smoky Jazz-Funk. And how could you not love this. Its got sassy percussion which informs the atmospheric background chat, snappy snares plus growling bass accompanied by an emotionally charged array of electric chords on The Hunters ft Chez Damier. The inescapably groovy Memoory follows in a similar formula, while the concluding Willie Hutch ft Le Loup drops the tempo down to a moody shuffle amid cool blasts of Trumpet. Great.

Release: November 25