Thernero – Look Ahead – Soulfuric Deep

While we may not have nightclubs to celebrate our culture we do at least have the joy of September sunshine. Sometimes records are simply about grooves and vibe of which this had both in abundance. Two tracks from Stockholm DJ Thernero sequence that palatable sense of happiness with Faith flexing its considerate guitar and bass twangs most effectively, plus the occasional sprinkle of shimmering keys alongside smouldering voice and strings. Neatly contrasted by the breezier, more familiar strains of Look Ahead which again features guitar along with all of the aforementioned.

Release: October 2

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Moon Rocket and Re-Tide – People Everywhere – Soulfuric Deep

Never underestimate the power of music to transport and elevate your mind into places and spaces as only it can. Soulfuric has provided the accompaniment to many DJ’s soundtracks over the years and this release touches upon many of those moments with grace and favour. Typically featuring warm, soulful and of course jazzy sounds this practically instrumental number has the word groove blazing all over it. And that’s mainly down to the punchy, perfectly played bassline which makes you reminisce about the days of real instrumentation (almost) alongside the hazy horn blasts and breezy synthesized melodies of People Everywhere. The Jazz-N-Groove Prime Time Extended Mix follows altering the feel of the bass and extended the piano lines into a grasp for sunshine.

Release: April 5