John Dalagelis & Stelios Vassiloudis – Binary – Ovum Recordings

With so much excellent new music around these days it makes you wonder why anyone would want to bother living in a re-edited past. This dangerous fusion of smouldering electricity coupled with the sort of pounding kick drum to die for is just one example. Opening with the title track, Binary which explores repetition in explosive fashion as wired and wonderful sounds intertwine with drums and a lone voice intoning, repeat. And yet this inventive, insightful arrangement of the source elements is much more than mere simplicity as the production creates an unworldly sense of itself reaching far and beyond. The riotous, Coast To Coast follows with commanding piano strikes fuelling a rush towards the dancefloor, leaving the exceptional Niko’s Apartment to end. I say exceptional because although the drum-break has existed the world over in a million different guises its use here, when combined with these sublime, emotionally charged pads and taught Detroit styled bassline causes unique results. And then again you will also hit repeat.

Release: April 26


Stelios Vassiloudis & Nils Nuernberg – Everybodys Robot – Tenampa

Such a deliciously refreshing piece of music, although I guess it’s not like the label aren’t renowned for it. I love the way the production teases and tempts you into thinking it is all about one style and sound, then confounds your expectations by tearing the heart out of it. Despite the title, Everybodys Robot is a large, emotional piece of music which pulses in all the right places elevating the urgency in all sorts of defiantly musical ways. Marco Resmann contrasts with a remix that doesn’t mess around, poking straight at the dancefloor.

Release: July 9