Death Decay Magic Remixes Vol. 1 – Death Decay Magic

Launched the previous year Black Light Smoke’s label Death Decay Magic now reassess history recalibrating its story via input from The Hacker, Cardopusher, Man 2.0, Adrian Marth plus a wealth of more. Thinking outside of the box should be a required attribute these days as this swirl of dangerously fizzy music powerfully testifies. There’s even a crystalline linage transporting you all the way back to the 1980’s of New Beat and Acid House that is simply too intoxicating to ignore, and I for one love that. I’m not going to waste time separating out any one of the back catalogue remixes here as each stands tall in its own right, fusing the forward-thinking nature of drum machines alongside the impact of defiant synthesisers, likewise even the power of human voice is added for sincere measure.

Release: May 7


DJ Hell
I Want U
Gigolo Music Ltd

DJ Hell rarely refuses to tempt and tease you and this taster from his forthcoming fifth studio album ZUKUNFTSMUSIK is certainly not shy in coming forward. Collaborating with Tom Of Finland Foundation on the sleeve plus video the music cruises through a sleazy late-night monologue that touches upon industrial hi-energy sounds, while also referencing tastefully dark, cinematic synthesised atmosphere’s which feel just as poignant in any era. Two excellent remixes make their presence felt firstly from The Hacker who injects a tough New-Beat sensibility into the affair hitting you with an irresistible bassline plus cowbells galore to move you. Next is from Martin Matiske who contrasts it all with a gentler, though no less hard-hitting, version which proves just as addictive with its shinny keyboard motifs and punctuating stabs and classically trained drum machines.

Release: December 24
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