Rai Scott – Detached Observation – Church

Rai Scott has created a series of tastefully resonating pieces of music for this latest release on Church. They grab hold of you and then expand your mind in differing directions. Perhaps that’s best via the melancholy orchestral pulses of Lazy Sunshine. Although, the intensity of Detached Observation with its rolling drums and swirling pads, or indeed the haunting disquiet of Paradise Crane both wrestle equally for your attention. There’s also a great remix of the later by Valentino Mora which teases and tears at the fabric of electronic sound in a most invigorating way.

Release: December 6




Francis Harris – ‘Minor Forms’ EP – Scissor & Thread

Founding member of the Scissor & Thread imprint, Francis Harris delivers two exquisitely cutting arrangements in the shape of More We Cannot Do and Minor Forms. The former heightens a sense of circumstance via repeating loops pf teasing, unnerving sounds that tantalise your senses against a backdrop of playful percussion until the energy is released at breakdown point. The later breathes jazzier notation into undulating rhythms pushing and expanding temptations, indulging in breezy trumpet led melodies in the process. Valentino Mora then delivers two remixes of Minor Forms transforming the concept with robust kick drums on the Underwater Rephrase version, while the Cosmic Trans Rephrase explores deeper climbs feeling rather lush and reassuringly blissful.

Release: February 23