Purveyors of Fine Funk – Ux2 – Vessel Records

Proving there is still life Disco serves up suggestion for the Metamorphic Recordings label boss Dan Curtin to creatively twist into something else. The original version blends jazzy inflections together with a whirlwind of breathy voices and blissfully aware, finely-tuned rhythms which feel spaced out, cosmically charged. Remixes come from the excellent Ron Bacardi who delivers hot basslines and furious funk like no other, alongside his explorations in breakbeats which form the Barrow Boy version. Remaining tracks: Phased Embrace sees fizzy Acid ignite, while the brutal drums of Warehouse Indiscretion sizzle and sting with intensity. Bliss.

Release: June 7


James Barnsley – Big Move EP – Vessel Records

James Barnsley’s bass crunching Time starts the EP as it means to go on. Big, brash and bold House Music that feels every bit as powerful as the title’s release suggests. A funky hint of bold Disco loops into the background as layers of atmospheric sound are built upon the rock-solid foundation, while Magazine Sixty favourite D’Julz reworks it all via grinding beats and bass teasing out fresh nuances. Next original is, Forgiveness which feels suitably deeper as more probing keys suggest moodier potential leaving rugged basslines plus fiery drums to work their magic. This time the remix comes care of Cabdrivers who add extra swing into the equation while retaining the tempting, introspective essence.

Release: May 18



James Barnsley (Vessel Records)

10658986_1065127926850255_1556834514836240603_oYou recently played at the Made In Leeds festival. Tell us about how you became involved with that and how your set went?

Yes, Made in Leeds is a fairly new festival in Leeds which has arenas hosted by some of leads longest running club nights. Being a Back to Basics resident I have played the last two and played there for the last and both times its had a great crowd in our tent and its always gone right off.


vesselYou have just set up your own label Vessel Records. What’s the idea behind the name and how have you found the process of setting up a label in 2015?

The label name is a story in itself so to summarise it came about back at my house after the Back to Basics 23rd birthday, the name refers to a kayak me and my label partner Owen bought so I’ll leave it there for now if thats OK ha. The process has been frustrating in the main though thats due to the level of detail we’re putting into it to get it right from the off. We’ve got some great original work in production current and in the pipeline so its really starting to gather momentum.

Your new release for the label: In The Woods EP features two new tracks. Can you talk us through how you produced one of them?

Both tracks are made using analogue machines. Both have really hooky bass lines. ‘Dinadon’ using a 303 the track ‘Colorado’ which i made with Scan Mode was a really enjoyable collaboration and the Bass line was actually recorded by Scans girlfriend on an Old Korg Prophesy which sounds amazing in the club.

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Where did you learn about production? And can you tell us about your favourite pieces of software/ hardware?

I learnt about music production thru trial and error I guess. I think it comes down to my experience as a DJ knowing what I want or need for my sets in the clubs and playing with different ideas and sounds. I have worked with some really good producers in the past and always pick up something new when I’m in the studio with them. My favourite piece of hard ware is my Roland TR-909 which I bought from techno legend Dave Angel. Its beats!

jamesWhat are your plans for expanding the label?

With Vessel I plan to do a solid bunch of releases over the next twelve months and currently in talks with a few promoters about our Vessel label parties which I am very excited about.

Who are your main influences both inside and outside of Dance Music?

Inside Dance music I have quite a few influences, its not always particularly about the music they play but about their attitude towards doing what they do and how they do it and doing what is true to them and going with it. Outside dance music I am also a very keen snowboarder and have big respect for the likes of Jeramy Jones and Travic Rice who really push the limits of human kind and take things to the next level. My Grandad Barnsley who we sadly lost to cancer last year is also still a massive influence to me.

How would you describe your time as a resident at Back To Basic’s and the influence that the club still holds?

My time as a Basics resident has been fantastic. Playing to the crowed is always a pleasure and really gives me a great platform to experiment with new tracks.

Where can people hear you play next?

We are hoping to announce our first Vessel parties very soon so stay tuned.