MARIE MADELEINE – SWIMMING POOL from ekleroshock on Vimeo.


Marie Madeline
‘Swimming Pool EP’
Ekler’o’shock Records

As you will see the accompanying video this is unquestionably a work of sheer genius, besides any man who has the balls to sing that deeply surely deserves to be admired. That assurance aside, this combines sultry pop sensibilities and playful funkiness with a bubbly chorus which simply hits the spot – the word POP is fully inflated on Swimming Pool. More nervous music follows on the tasteful Done & Over It, while Prisoner slows it down to an infectious cosmic-disco pace with epic deadpan vocals remaining thankfully intact. Next, three equally good remixes of Swimming Pool take the song in differing directions from Jacques Renault, Panteros 666 and Anteros & Thanaton whose acid drenched version works particularly nicely.  9

release: 19 Sept 2011


Patrick Bo featuring Keith Thompson
‘Grown Folk Music’
Waking Monster Media

It’s almost as if you only need to hear Marlon D’s tribal infused drums and you’ll be easily satisfied but then you would miss out on the tension building pads and of course Keith Thompson’s deep intonation talking about, back in the day. Sometimes this subject can get a bit tiresome but works well in this case with the aforementioned killer rhythm section and words selected. Remixes come from a frisky and jazzy Nightrhymes, an organ punctuated Patrick Bo original, and an off kilter Thompsonic Basemental version with effective shuffling snares and twisted keys. 8

Full release: 15 Dec 2011 


Reviews: 6

Knee Tremblers ft. Keith Thompson
‘Sun Is Shining’
Open Bar/ Waking Monster

Don’t panic, yes it’s a cover (of sorts) of the now very familiar Bob Marley song but look below the surface and there’s a lot going on. For starters the Javi Lopez mix hits you hard with heavy tribal beats and sub-bass lines that lend themselves refreshingly well to this reggae cover which while being moody is also quite magnificent. The Doop Main Mix adds nasty drums and builds the mood with Pierre styled strings and increasing intensity, while the Max Martinez Tech Mix does just that with notably tough rhythms, crisp snare hits, and by cutting up the vocals in an extremely impressive fashion. 8



Baron Bane
Despotz Records

An album of three thirds. There’s the swoon section with the utterly sublime (single) Midthing which is tastefully punctuated by moody electro beats, classically trained strings and emotive sunset melodies. The final track, Need nearly falls into this category too, although doesn’t have the same impact. More conventional song structures ala Love Cure All follow with greater and lesser effect, although Sordid Eyes works pleasantly in a slightly off-kilter way. Then there’s even a hard rock guitar and la de da chorus to be had on Transience. A mixed up album but well worth the ticket for Midthing (8) alone. 6