Yoni Yarchi – Subconscious EP – Loot Recordings

One of my favourite producers for this past while returns with another blissful, musically rich soundtrack whose very title track may just give the game away before we begin. The Subconscious, sequences startling landscapes across the stereo expanse as impactful drums deliver succinct rhythms to adorn the generous sprinklings of piano, mind-expanding vocals and soaring atmospherics. Exposing a certain fragility Yoni’s compositions stand out for me quite so much as they feel like they’re capturing moments that don’t dwell too long on the past while adhering to the time honoured traditions of life’s melody. Death On The Balcony’s excellent Remix plays with the theme, though adds a more robust ambient intensity via the increased use of trippy vocal alongside warmer bass. Kepler, follows with a picturesque series of chiming renditions, complimented by the darker edges of Don’t Think Loud completing the release with deeper, more electronically charged sounds simmering over pulsating percussion, which produce an almost psychedelic experience of West Coast proportions.

Release: November 30



Yoni Yarchi – In Distant Places – Nie Wieder Schlafen

More excellence coming your way from the imaginative, musical mind of Yoni Yarchi. Again this plays like a colourful amalgamation of sights and sounds which create powerful images across the stereo field. In Distant Places, punches hard via its tough kick drum while contrasting with a beautiful ambience that breaks down into a meditative bliss – warmth, emotional clarity and defiantly musical. Complimented by a breath-taking, beat less Chill Sunrise Mix which extenuates all of those very attributes into one big rolling trip of heightened pleasure. Moments, then completes with a return to motion via waves of picturesque keys plus heart-beating drums, sounding like the future is rest assured.

Release: September 17

pre-order https://www.beatport.com/release/in-distant-places/2375795