Suulo vs. Curl – City of Belem EP – ZEHN Records

Brothers in arms Marius & Fabian see in the New Year in explosive style as their hot debut for the highly impressive ZEHN has a flurry of percussion and soothing bass ignite the stereo. The title track, City of Belem explores a diverse set of influences and yet hits hard via its pounding grooves, alongside its probing Eastern motifs and colourful array of sounds. Tapana’s Kitchen, follows with a deeper refrain driving the heavy-duty arrangements which again breakdown into a musical feats of pleasures.

Release: January 11 2019


Los Cabra – Hayat EP – ZEHN Records

ZEHN’s rising star is set to peak by the year end as this forward-thinking, defiantly funky number gets under way. Los Cabra aka Manuel Sahagun & Christ Burstein twist sassy percussion around a melodic bassline that instantly hooks you into their way of thinking, while atmospheric sequences and flourishes colour the edges of the stereo with mood and passion. A captivating production, Hayat never fails but to determinedly excite. Pepiri Guazu, follows pulsing with Detroit stabs, haunting vocals plus a persuasive sense of reality. And then comes the Pezzner remix. If you read Magazine Sixty you will know the high regard with which we hold the producer and his remix of Pepiri Guazu only demonstrates why. Deep, almost disturbing whirring synth lines are offset by chiming, melodic repetitions that are soon accompanied by the sort of brutal bass which can only cause maximum devastation. But, you really should listen for yourself. LOUD.

Release: December 21

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Gersound – Random Universe EP – ZEHN Records

If drums are the most important aspect, the beginning point to it all, then Barcelona’s Gersound has applied that science to this new release on ZEHN. It’s all in the percussion and the way it weaves around the driving kick drum, while the ambient rush of vocal emotion that fills the breakdown warms and excites the soul. An uncomplicated formula for sure, however one that’s works notably well on the title track, Random Universe. Ethnicities, follows with more of a musical flair informed by subtle, eastern melodies and again tastefully impacting drums which add another addictive essence to this fine production.

Release: November 9