Tungusku – Direction Of Travel – Before I Die

Direction of Travel feels as much a statement of intent as it does the title to these wonderfully jazzy pieces of music. Opening what will hopefully be the first of many releases from Jason Boardman’s label this collection of five tracks equals the type of musical communication which isn’t always so readily found these days.

Tungusku aka Phil Ratcliffe (Guitar) and James Defty (Bass) fed an array of diverse influences into the music they create, which is all at once deeply emotional flying free with an eloquence reminiscent to primetime Santana or Hendrix. If music means more to you without strict time structures in place, meaning you prefer a live feeling sequence of moments, then try this. Each number will guarantee a little joy and sunshine in your life.

Release: April 25
Buy https://www.juno.co.uk/products/tungusku-direction-of-travel/867723-01/

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