Upercent – Vuit EP – microCastle

One of our favourite labels – for too many reasons to go into in a short space – microCastle again continues to delight and scintillate. The EP’s title track does that special thing of grasping for the future while gathering up an array of influences and making definite sense of them all. Yet for any notion of what has gone before there is something specifically 2018, not a moment less, about this mind engaging production of wired and wonderful sounds, rhythms and ideas. Tango follows with a more traditional chord structure in place creating intriguing atmospheres while generating dancefloor tension. Then comes the brilliant Submissive featuring KnowKontrol’s resonating, soulful, inquiring vocal which explores time lost and found over wonderful drums and punctuating electronic sounds. An excellent remix is courtesy of Chaim whose rolling, thunderous beats cause serious damage amid the vocals’ effected treatments.

Release: May 25