aAirial – As Above So Below – Rednetic

Simplicity in the complexity of the here and now isn’t always an easy piece of the jigsaw to capture but this combination of introspective impulses alongside a blissfully unaware uplift seeks out those corners in abundance. The sounds themselves sculpt moods that are as old as you may feel referencing a history of electronics that playfully disregard trends and fashion and yet are all the more rewarding for it. It’s also the beauty of the uncomplicated which enthrals here from the lonely chords populating Ether through to the bass heavy tones that ignite Infinite there is a commanding, haunting beauty to be found inside.

Release: August 27
Buy https://rednetic.bandcamp.com/album/as-above-so-below

rednetic · aAirial – As Above So Below – Album Preview
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