Afterlife – Baywatch – Subatomic

This excellent new EP from Afterlife does just what you would hope casting aside the expected, surprising your senses in a multitude of refreshing ways. Producing a lifetime of soul searching music is a quality in itself but when it comes in this calibre it’s something we can all join in celebrating. Fly opens the release via an illuminating flash revealing the promise of what this summer holds in store, feasting on emotions that are eloquent and elegant. Accompanied by a resolutely gentle pulse of electronic drums its swirling wash of instrumentation adds punch and clarity to the holiday of your imagination. Next is the tougher chug provided by the title track setting the tone racing as bigtime bass explodes across a wealth of fizzy synthesizers, then complimented by the emotional roller-coaster of The Bridge complete with its jazzy/ bluesy mind-altering brilliance. Lost Tribes completes the journey with liquid intensity bubbling, meandering across a whirlwind of probing keys that never leave you asking for more…


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