Bernard – MUIMUI001 – Mui Mui Records

It’s a numbers game or in this case digits and letters as the launch of this brand new imprint bursts with a bang of energised, electronic rhythms, inviting moods and forward-thinking sounds. Beginning with the tempting Mind Tonic which plays out all of the above its charm is also down to the uncomplicated yet deeply absorbing nature of the arrangement alongside its rich atmospheres plus crisp production. Harry Will’s On The Rocks Mix adds extra punch by driving up the tempo next, complementing the edge of the original with more soulful chords. Second number, Adjust and Proceed then sees Bernard inject the beats and bass with a more urgent funkiness, breaking up the drums while punctuating moments with breathy voices. Contrasted briskly by Silverlining’s rapid attack of four on the floor of the same. By way of an introduction this is explosive.

Release: September 24

Mui Mui Records · MUIMUI 001
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