Cabbaggage – Microscripts – The Submarine Broadcasting Company

Close your eyes and see what happens. There is a lost and found quality at wort here given the fractured composition of the notes, treated, resembling another time and place as they glide around your imagination. Suggests to me the movie Kubrick didn’t get to make, one which would have been stunning. Listen to the classical air contained within the opening piece Radio or New York Page haunted by forgotten melodies, almost lullabies, and the movement of a ballroom rotating as couples waltz. There is something deeply penetrating going on here as if music has been taken to an extreme and yet contradicts its innately radical nature forming a warmly familiar, reassuring location to land. Dedicated to Robert Walser, who I will now be reading up on, Microscripts is a classically attuned, creatively searching album that isn’t afraid to challenge the world, or to propose the possibility of getting in lost in it completely, as piano’s rumble and roar while alternatively soothing emotion, soaking in an unknown bliss.


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