Christine Ott – Éclats (Piano Works) – Gizeh Records

The majesty revealed in listening to Christine Ott play the piano is a reward in itself. Capturing moments of heavenly beauty and deep loss are readily translated in a series of tell-tale signs pointing to the direction of lost and found. Perhaps it is only the sound of the piano which can really convey the magnitude of the emotions expressed in the exercise but, whatever it is, there is something uniquely special about the communication taking place.

It could be said that Éclats is about back to nature given that the piano is alone, stripped down to its primal essence, while simply surrounded by its own poignant reverberation, echoing across meaningful time. The music collected here derives in part from the artists involvement in other works, alongside the soaking up of influences translated through time and place and the memories that drive existence. It also feels so personal it seems like a privilege to be allowed in, to join the conversation.

Release: November 3

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