derek muro – cues – toucan sounds

The simple yet direct title of the album gives the impression of beginning and end but cues takes it inspiration from far beyond those points. What happens in-between is magical and awe-inspiring. Resolutely musical in nature, though radically departing from previous decades the emotional depth on display grabs your psyche turning it upside down. That’s not to say avant-garde because the sounds are so richly human that they tease out emotions in spades charging your memory with regret, your heart with expectation in happy/ sad ways like holidays in the sun. Not afraid of the voice either as New York City’s House Of Yes, Daisy Press appears in sky-reaching, blissful provocations on, rove (below). But never one for easy options you arrive at a more blistering ramble2 complete with rocky drumming and soaring saxophones. Leaving, root to take to stereo in rolling, quietly observant ways that will make your soul shatter. A perfect reflection…

Release: April 9

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