Edgar De Ramon – Answer – TUTU

I like Edgar De Ramon’s no-frills yet compelling and completely exciting approach to creating music. Answer, poses questions via its edgy voice over which is underpinned by the single word, Acid – so you may guess at what it’s all about. Musically it’s pounding, repetitive and brutally funky. And is accompanied by a hand-clap fuelled acapella in the form of the Tool Mix, plus a second track, Justify which plays friskier, fizzy rhythms over yet more probing and energetic escapades in stereo. It’s all first rate and is the artist’s first release on his own new imprint, TUTU. Which by the way is also providing a percentage of the release to the worthy organization ‘Provocant La Pau’.

Release: April 22

http:// www.provocantlapau.com

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