Eduardo de La Calle – The Simplectic Geometry EP – Olga Recordings

There’s something starkly mathematical about Eduardo de La Calle’s haunting new production that I can’t quite put into words. Maybe it’s down to the sheer brute, electrical force that ignites its machine generated grooves, or maybe it is the way I’m plugged into listening. Either way this is a brisk, grainy experience that never falls short of feeling intriguing, compelling even, in all sorts of excellent ways. One of which I imagine is a reference to the classical minimal composers such as Steve Reich on the brilliant, Amplitude Morphology. The brutal architectures of Echo Reminders follows with stabbing keys illuminating an unforgiving tomorrow. Leaving, Tribute to Scott Roggo feeling the funkiest of the three – if that’s the appropriate word – channelling classic Acid notation across eight minutes of unquestionable pleasure.

Release: April 26

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