Ghetto Priest – Hercules EP – Ramrock Records

You could count on the fingers of one hand (maybe two at a stretch) the number of reggae records I’ve reviewed since Magazine Sixty began five plus years ago. Not quite sure why that is because I’ve always loved the sounds and their influence. What caught my ear here was both the unmistakable vibes of Aaron Neville’s 1973 funky gem Hercules and also the sheer breezy, good-times sunshine and smiles nature of it all. Second are the superlative Ashley Beedle and Darren Morris aka North Street West Holyvoodou versions which add some serious crunch, plus deeper impact of bass and swing to the productions, across a series of versions that include a brilliant Dub (of course).

Release: Februaury 26


Ramrock/ Ramrock Blue/ Ramrock Red · RR006 – Ghetto Priest – Hercules EP – Ramrock Records
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