Hari Sima – Solo en Occidente – Objetos Perdidos

Hari Sima can also be called the experimental solo alias of Valencia-based artist Paco León whose sculptures of sound are quite simply magnificent. Intense and yet melodically realised they reach soaring heights alongside inward lows, while seeming to connect to an informed synthesized past, fuelled by an impulsive future. Listening to these passages feels much different to a lot of the music’s surrounding this orbit of heightened electronics not necessarily aimed at producing a reaction on a dancefloor. There’s a deeper sincerity than that as the pulses fold and unfold across an enormous emotional horizon. Sumatra may offer the brightest hope but the previous, darker touches of Del Barranco al Río propose wondrous, elevated sequences that likewise define impulsive beauty.

Listen in loud stereo. Look at the stunning Artwork & design by Lola Bonet. Observe the captivating Del Barranco al Río video by Jordi Cabestany.

Release: April 1
buy https://objetosperdidos.bandcamp.com/album/op-02-hari-sima-solo-en-occidente-l

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