Ittara – Peace Of Mind – Mouche

The sound of electricity strung out across heavens high. Peace Of Mind is a deceptive title for a piece of music that is anything but. Fizzing with atoms dancing along the edges as bruising, unforgiving stabs plus tough, pounding drums create a perfect, rich intensity to get lost inside. It’s the uncomplicated yet direct nature of it all that is likewise so appealing. Then the Markus Suckut Remix twists the envelope, tweaking the breath of stabs, while adding an extra shuffle of percussion to the grooves, while collectively complimenting the stunning original via a highly charged, though deeper, margin of ecstasy.

Release: October 6

Dancefloor Romancer · Premiere: Ittara – Peace Of Mind (Markus Suckut Remix) [Mouche]
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