James Ellis Ford – The Hum – Warp Records

James Ellis Ford has crafted together disparate elements fusing them in such a way that a sense of wonder (and curiosity) ensues. Not so much a homage to the mind-bending world of Fripp, Eno and perhaps Soft Machine and King Crimson, let’s say more like a reworking of those frequencies channelled through the artists own distinctive, musical excellence. For a start you can hear the echoes of a psychedelic sixties searching for answers within Tape Loop #7 playing like 2024 is just around the bend, that journeying musicianship and exploration of the mysterious is continued on the equally valuable, temptingly titled Pillow Village breathing life once again into an experimental 1970’s. Smiles arise by the time you hit the brilliant I Never Wanted Anything, the deadpan vocal reference points here are exquisite. Gears proceed to alter direction again with The Yips exercising a jazz-Funk tendency – and why not – as the breath of melody infuses the heart-warming breeze of Golden Hour. The strange strums of The Hum populate your imagination next, while the heavy rock riffs of Caterpillar flow suite. That beautiful, emotional charge is then returned too on Emptiness complete with heartstrings, piano and accompanying endless, drifting melodies. Simply wonderful. The obviously apt, Closing Time finalises the experience combining all of the above celebrating the sheer, wild abandon of the thrill of music itself. Plus of course the innate whisper of the human voice sounding so compelling.

Release: May 12
Buy https://jef.ffm.to/thehum

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