Jan Steiner – Meet Her At The Jazzkantine – Londam

I love the thought-provoking, memory kindling, maybe positive futures essence contained within Meet Her At The Jazzkantine like you’re hearing something sublime for the first time. While it doesn’t follow the rules of clique it does engage the soul in more profound ways than that formula, at a guess it’s more about art as music than commerce – which sometimes can seem increasingly rare. The production contains hints of fiery, jazzy Balearica that soothes as much as it uplifts in uncomplicated, forward motion and is simply a pleasure to experience. Complimented neatly by Call of Abnoba? which also creates a sense of blissful retreat into mind, body and beach, although hitting a relaxed ambience in a much more thorough way than its predecessor.

Release: May 19
Buy https://www.beatport.com/release/meet-her-at-the-jazzkantine/4097256

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