Julien Jabre – Samana EP – Elias

Julien Jabre’s strange, compelling twists of fate ignite Samana like an explosion of colour as tripped out, serene melodies join the words anthem and creative together just like they were always meant to be. In the end this is music for the soul that isn’t easily slotted into boring categories for limited imaginations. It just kind of is. The Levant Mix is that good, charged by the breath of heady voices and cumulating in a sense of transcendence – with or without drugs. The Lazare Hoche edit reworks the drums providing a pounding tribal quality to the rhythms while letting the keys sizzle and delight further. Finally, Far at Sea throws the rulebook out altogether sequencing seductive beats with an undulating funkiness that will cause smiling at the very least. Welcome back.

Release: April 22

pre-order: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/julien-jabre-samana-ep-levant-lazare-hoche/722116-01/?


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