Kali Malone (featuring Stephen O’Malley & Lucy Railton) Does Spring Hide Its Joy – Ideologic Organ

I’m not quite sure how to best describe Does Spring Hide Its Joy and its considered length. Avoiding the word, journey it does however suggest transportation to other locations as sounds unfold, evolving in differing directions. Strange, how like a story, it draws you in when least expect it. You have the feeling that perhaps something else is happening beyond the winding paths of oscillating drones, guitar and cello as organic dissolves into otherworldly, then returns. I guess this is also about feeding your imagination with sonic suggestions, in which case it plays like a narration, albeit a haunting, illuminating one as feedback loops out into the ether. Spread across three discs totalling in the region of three hours requires commitment, involvement in the belief of what you are producing. There is a literal, can’t wait to hear what happens next, aspect to this as well as gluing you to your position, not wanting to leave and miss something. Remarkable in many ways this fluent conversation resembles speech without talking and comes down to the response to the nature of sound itself. Provoking, evoking, suggesting…beyond rationale.

Release: January 20
Buy https://kalimalone.bandcamp.com/album/does-spring-hide-its-joy

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