Late Night Tango – Two Sides To Every Story – Mr. Nice Guy

Feeling like a warm indulgence this plays perfectly to accompany today’s hot September sunshine. The bonus is that Jesse Perez, operating here under his Late Night Tango guise, delivers a feast of music, drums and atmospheres rekindling memories of yesteryear, fuelling possible tomorrows. Nothing is quite revolutionary electronically but it is succinct, soulful and life-assuring. From the breezy shuffling rhythms of Two Sides To Every Story (Intro) marking Balearic, to the inescapable grooves of Bom Bom, through the West Coast haze conjuring up a beautiful Magic Daydream, to the emotive vibrations of What’s Gangsta moments are never wasted. There is a timeless element to all this generating a been here before sensation circa 1990 but good music will still elicit the same emotional reaction in any decade. Hit play, lean back, enjoy.

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Late Night Tango · ‘Two Sides To Every Story’ (A Downtempo Experience)
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