Luciano & David Morales – Esperanza – Cadenza

What I very much love about this record is the fact that neither artist feels the need to replay past glories but seek to engage with the here and now by producing this future-charged killer. Coming prime-timed for the summer season with deep, throbbing drums and bass underpinning gloriously funky percussion, which very much used to be the mainstay of House Music past, now makes an explosive return to form. Both Luciano & David Morales deliver their own excellent interpretations with the formers Flow Latino mix concentrating on a more stripped down, raw-edged vibe rewarding the listener with an emotionally explosive breakdown mid-point, drenched in feeling while making the repercussions of the return to drums all the more impactful. The later revisits his Red Zone guise updating the genre for the 21st century amid a blaze of probing synth lines plus crisp handclaps and an abundance of fiery percussion to ignite the flames across eleven fully energised minutes.

Release: Vinyl – 30th of June 2017 / Digital – 07th of July 2017


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