Midori Hirano – Soniscope – Dauw

Listening to Midori Hirano’s latest expanse of sounds and vision feels all at once sublime yet at times almost unnerving, with much to say about the movement of motion as it does about the humanity of emotions and their time and place, centred and off-centre like a series of dots…

Performed around the inescapable joy of notable piano these sketches of light and shade colour beautiful, time honoured sequences via the self-assured boast of excellence. Fuelling both imagination and memory the way moods are lifted then dissipated into contrasting thoughts is quite something to behold. It sometimes occurs to me if how you react to sonic atmospheres and how certain types of music function is to do with the light outside, the warmth inside and expectations you place upon moments as they unfold.

I wasn’t expecting to hear Soniscope today, or the Robot Koch aka Foam And Sand reworking of Patterns, but I’m quickly drawn to the conclusion that it is an exceptional release as the inspiration of classical ideas are combined with the fizz of contemporary electronics. The end result is provocative and evocative. A celebration in the end…

Artwork by Jelle Martens

Buy https://dauw.bandcamp.com/album/soniscope

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