Moody Waters – Three – self-release

Three is difficult. Not because it’s unduly awkward, or even too easy, but because it messes around with safe notions of genre to illicit music that feels tactile and occasionally dangerous to the touch. I don’t like every track on here but the vast majority pull on strings that ignite a flush of emotions, especially the more atmospheric numbers such as 656f6c6863 alongside the industrial turmoil of You and Me, and neat contrasts served by the blissful tones of rollin’ feat. Ylva Falk. The rugged end of funk is vigorously explored on the excellent Arrow of time Feat. B’licious and there are plenty of likewise pieces of music on here to firmly compliment that notion. Try, flashback Feat. Pleiadian sisters. Another reason to fully appreciate the spectrum of music Moody Waters has created is the sheer process of creative ingenuity at play throughout.

Release: September 9

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