Nate Young – Volume One: Dilemmas Of Identity – Lower Floor Music

Sometimes events can lead us to feel comfortable in sombre reality. Sometimes music exists to tease out emotions that don’t readily appear obvious. Somewhere between black and white, where the grey areas are located, can seem like a daunting place but it is also the point at which thrills are sought. The uncomfortable terrain explored by Nate Young’s new long player (part of a series of solo releases) is never less than exhilarating, either when it feels out for depths of electronic weirdness touching grainy ambience, or when it adds beautifully warped rhythms to the equation. Mindless Voices plays fast and loose with Robert Fripp inspired extremes, while the expanding pianos of the contrasting Vents of Blue reverberate with an otherworldliness simmering with potential. An improvised jazziness informs the taught On Repeat as chiming sci-fi gets lost and found on Flushing. Finally, the melodic playfulness of Pardon the Mess leaves you with all of the above and a sense that you have most definitely experienced a strange occasion. You may start to form the picture that listening to Volume One isn’t so much about expectations but rather losing them. Pulsating synthesizers are the only order you can expect and even then not as you might imagine them. Crazed, twisted, brilliantly illuminating. Feeling almost naive, yet completely knowing with a certain uncertainty. Old and new concepts coupled with a future past. These are the sorts of thoughts that formulate in the mist as a result. But what will Dilemmas Of Identity cause you to think about?

Release: February 8

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