Passarella Death Squad – What We Are, You Shall Be – Passarella Records

Enter the subterranean, nocturnal world of Passarella Death Squad and leave your cares at the door. Transmitted via downtown signals inspired by the smouldering embers of a 1980’s vision of dark electronics their debut album satisfies on all points, while finding a few new ones to excite. Danny Passarella and Emilie Albisser create the sounds which see voices fragment into whispers or form equally commanding structures as musical atmospheres are suitably haunting, enticing, accompanied by bruising bass and punctuated by uniquely robust drums. Despite the impression that might create in your mind it remains a thrilling, uplifting ride across the here and there. Even when a title like When They Die appears there remains a contradictory pulse to be found, hinting at an unconventional conversation being exchanged with strange melody. The exquisite, For Love ends demanding certain criteria are meet while proving to be another stunning piece of gothic nirvana conceived in illicit process. However, In Heaven begins it all by complimentary surges of energy making you fall head over heels in the first place with this music suggesting nostalgic questions, yet remaining tantalisingly fully charged and new.

Release: April 21

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