Paul Bowen – Dubbed Out Vol 2 – Luna Records

If you think the clue lies solely within title, think again. Paul Bowen’s starling reworking of the implications of the word Dub are as vibrant as they are incendiary with each of the three numbers exploring the sonic palette via a powerful eloquence. Starting with Bonehead you’d be forgiven for second-guessing a clueless nature but this fiery bass pounding workout if anything but feeling vibrant with its sparkling array of percussion and effects firing off in all directions. The searing rays of Possbile illuminate next with deep bass driving expectation forwards alongside tripped out, heavy-duty voices and a dark whir of atmospheric synth lines. The crazed, disturbance forming the low-end of excellent Entire completes with a twist you’re unlikely to forget in a rush but then again the same goes for the whole EP.

Release: August 6

Luna Records UK · Paul Bowen Dubbed Out Vol 2
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