Rare Pleasure – Superfine Feeling – A’s + Bees

If this doesn’t bring joy to your heart…
Dripping with that classic Soul sound, exuding string-filled Disco this also cuts a rocky, guitar fuelled edge that leaves you breathless like you’ve been travelling supersonic. All the way from 1977 and launching a brand new imprint from Prime, A’s + Bees with 50% of profits going to British Beekeepers Association – quite right too. Incidentally, Rare Pleasure also recorded Let Me Down Easy so their calibre runs high. Ashley Beedle’s NSW Rejig then dishes out those beautiful drums alongside the vibrant array of instrumentation and soaring vocals, tuning all too ultimate pleasure, while reaching out to eleven minutes of sheer ecstasy. It’s a wonderful life…

Release: March 12
Buy https://www.phonicarecords.com/product/rare-pleasure-superfine-feeling-pre-order-as-and-bees/171951

Music is 4 Lovers · Rare Pleasure – Superfine Feeling [A’s and Bee’s] [MI4L.com]
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